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The data is saved to an SD card. In general it is working like a total station with reflectorless distance measurement but with a high measurement repeatability.

In the first try from December up to January only panorama abnf were tested. The option to find the targets automatically is used. There are three main ways of collecting the scanned data: A special adaptation for targets and laser tracker prisms were made.

And although software supports learning across a range of disciplines and ages, children’s audiences, especially in mathematics, have been little contemplated with the benefits that technological solutions can bring.

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In the present work a study is presented to verify the operating conditions of a 3D laser scanner, used for the three dimensional survey of the surface of an object, construction or a large area. The individual scan locations are placed in space and georeferenced upon request. Laser scanning systems have applications in many fields, such as civil engineering, architecture and industry, among others. The first stage presents the concept of laser scanner, its operation and its applications, next is presented the models used in this work and their respective dedicated software.


The classes obtained will be used to fine-tune the AlexNet CNN for future classification, through the use of training from scratch or fine tuning techniques. Set up for special targets to detect single axis errors like horizontal collimation error 4.

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The majority of the targets are automatically found, the others must be manually marked, it is also emphasized that the software nhr the reflexes of the targets in the glasses and other points that it interprets as the target used, these points should be discarded. Desenvolvido e adaptado pelo professor Edson Alves edsomjr gmail. Reference targets are automatically detected and assigned to each other.

The tripod is set to hold the scanner in a horizontal position and at such a height that the machine can see the targets without obstacles. What happens is a displacement from the center of the target, which can give erroneous data to the operator. A difference of at most 0. Therefore, the use of pedagogical approaches, such as Bloom’s Taxonomy and Formative Assessments, together with gamification techniques, such as Octalysis, can be used to develop a technological solution that contemplates this public.

The manufactorers also establish calibration rooms or chambers.

Checking of the influence of the low angle sun behind the targets in summer 5. Complete least square Gauss model for all sensor errors axis 3excentricity 3laser additional constant, tumble error of vert.

The images are obtained by address search in Google Street View API, and the resulting classification will be further used along with other features to detect front com- panies in order to help the auditors from the Ministry of Transparency and Office of the Comptroller General CGU, in Portuguese.


With the HDS, software was used to choose the parameters and start each scan. This targets were finally found. Because of indoor use we can use only paper.

The next step is to acquire the coordinates of the targets. However, both models offer the option to use a web interface and HMI to configure and start work. Other targets not found automatically must be marked manually. Faro Scene can also coloriza scans. It is a compact model, uses the principle of phase comparison, with high speed for small distances and minimum working times.

Some of the working groups are conentrating on field procedures to test scanners after transport and under working conditions. After assembly, the equipment is switched on and must be configured to perform the measurement. After several test of the cand. Firstly, a suitable position must be chosen to position the equipment, so that it can have a direct sight for all the targets. The experimental apparatus assembly is the same for both models.

CTAN: /tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/abntex2

The equipment also presents different scanning methods, being: Scene provides you with an extensive series of easy-to-use functions at your disposal-simple measuring, 3D visualisation, meshing and exporting into various point cloud and CAD format.

In HDS, you must import the database file, choose the option to find the targets automatically. There have emerged, both in academia and in the market, technological solutions for several areas, among them education.