You have to call Javascript functions from Air into your browser/IExplore and call the ActiveXObject from Javascript. At least thats the way I would do it. Shell ActiveX object – Adobe Acrobat Windows. WinXP, Acrobat 6 When I type the name of a PDF file at the Windows command prompt, the file opens properly. function CheckAdobeVersion() {. var isInstalled = false;. var version = null;. if ( XObject) {. var control = null;. try {. // is used by version.

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I too have an issue where I’ve adibe around adobe viewer, using standard web fonts these scaled perfectly and crisply in IE6,7,8 but in IE9 they are pixelated when printed but view fine.

Having said that, it renders a bit differently, it might not look as good as the Adobe plug-in viewer. COM objects function as a server and applications that use them function as a client. Help us improve MSDN. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. I revisited my test pages Highlight search results Highlight search results. All times are GMT. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acivexobject that you have read our updated acticexobject of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Email Required, but never shown. You cannot use TestComplete as a client application for in-process OLE objects, the bitness of which is different than the bitness of TestComplete.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. To access these objects, you need to have access to the internals of their client applications: So apparently the call in the script is trying to use this multibyte?

Adobe SVG Viewer with IE9

For common recommendations on calling methods and properties of COM objects and passing parameters to COM object methods, see the section at the end of the topic. These custom svgs won’t work in IE9, so that’s why we are using the Adobe viewer.


Post as a guest Name. Is this possible at all? Buy Contact Blog Community Login. Thursday, October 21, 7: To call such methods, use the aqObject.

When you call a COM server method that has a parameter passed by reference, the method will change the parameter, but the JavaScript and JScript engines will not return the changed value to the script. To get a reference to an out-of-process object, you can use the Sys. Thanks, that’s what I thought, but I wanted it confirmed before telling my project leader When you are working with COM objects from scripts, the scripting engine does not have access to the type library of this object.


how to create activeX object?

Monday, October 15, 8: Otherwise, if a COM object functions within a separate process, it is an out-of-process object. You can also create a script routine handling the object events. Rewriting the adtivexobject that its pointing at activexobjet not an option at this time, and the svgs are custom, not standard.

DelphiScript does not support calling COM object methods that take nil as one of the parameters. Internet Explorer Extension Development. Which also uses the google svg.

Working With COM Objects

Remove From My Forums. Also, what does that registry entry do? Sign up using Email and Password.

Shell to execute Ms-DOS commands? So can anyone suggest a way to get this script to work without having to delete the registry entry? Imho, embed is not possible. EmptyObject property that returns an empty object.