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Posted by WH4C at This is to ensure a harmonious labour environment. This exemption order is made to exempt all activities of manpower supply by any contractor for labour in all sectors, save the agricultural and plantation sector from compliance with the provisions concerning rights of contractors for labour as contained in section 31, 33A, 69 and 73 of the Employment Act It further requests the Government to take the necessary steps to ensure the immediate registration of the association of migrant domestic workers so that they may fully exercise their freedom of association rights.

The Committee notes the Government’s statement that the freedom of association rights of migrant workers are protected under the same laws that apply to all workers – the Employment Act,the Industrial Relations Act,and the Trade Unions Act,while domestic workers, whether foreign or local, are excluded from the Employment Act.

Only one postponement allowed and transfer to be utilised within 6 months of the original course date. While drivers are required to pay the increased gate charges upfront, ultimately the haulier firms have to foot the bill.

The source said for a real solution to the problem, the government pekerjaab get to its root by involving the shipping liners in their meetings. He said while the association’s official stance was that the drivers were protesting on their own, many companies under the association are supporting the strike on the quiet.

The contractor for labour and their practices should not be allowed in any sectors including the plantation and agricultural sector.

A ceasefire has been brokered to end the three-day strike by truckers against depot operators which had paralysed Port Klang’s the import and export industry, but discontent still simmers. There are today about registered labour outsourcing companies in the country today.

The Government submitted its observations in a communication of 29 October It requests the Government to keep it informed of the progress made in this regard.

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In making the amendment to labour laws, the Ministry always listens and takes into consideration views and feedback from employers and workers. In addition, since migrant workers supplied by labour contractors are not treated as employees of the workplace where they physically work, they are unable to join any of the existing trade unions in the country – which may only organize employees within similar industries or at the enterprise level.


The object of this Committee which has been set up is to propose preventive steps and improvements so that there will not happen any abuse by any of the parties concerned when the said amendments start to be put into effect. Kursus dua hari ini akan membantu penyelia memantapkan pengetahuan berkaitan Akta Kerja serta pemakaiannya. Cara ini juga menjimatkan syarikat prinsipal wang yang biasanya akan dibelanjakan untuk pekerja-employee mereka untuk kos perubatan, insuran, bonus, kenaikan gaji, faedah pencen, pengangkutan dan penginapan, awad perkhidmatan dan lain-lain faedah kerja.

Furthermore, regular meetings and workshops are conducted, in concert with the social partners, in order to improve the existing policies to promote decent work for all – including foreign domestic workers.

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The government has also no desire to create difficulty in identifying the true employer in the question of wage payments and absence of the right to unionize. The Committee recalls that Article 2 of Convention No. Moreover, the right to organize has been further obstructed for migrant domestic workers who are excluded from the minimum working conditions set out in the Employment Act and who have recently been denied the exercise of their organizational rights due to the refusal by the Registrar of Societies to register the newly created association for migrant domestic workers that had been constituted by the Malaysian Trade Union Congress MTUC.

I can forward this to my customers but what if they refuse to pay? For your information, the Ministry did not intend to create simplification or the promotion of contractor for labour manpower contractors.

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Outsourcing of work is when principal employer outsources some specified work or operations which are not their core operation, to another company who carries out the work for the principal using their own employees under their own control and supervision. A substitute delegate is welcome for delegates who have already booked and paid. Akta A BM -?? In advance, I on behalf of the Ministry wish to record our appreciation to you for giving your viewpoints about the Employment Act Amendment In this regard, migrant workers would, according to the Government, be guaranteed the right to form and join a trade union under the Trade Unions Act.

To date more than 20 meetings have been held between the Government and the social partners on labour issues, including those pertaining to migrant workers. Init was extended to manufacturing and service hotel and restaurants sectors and init was extended to all sectors.

Future In Our Hands, Norway.

In conclusion, in making a new policy and amendment to any labour laws, the Ministry always listens and considers any suggestions advanced by workers or employers and other dialogue partners. The principle of equal pay for equal work is thus breached. In particular, the complainant asserts that, while the Department of Trade Union Affairs had ruled that migrant workers may join trade unions representing other workers at their respective pekermaan, the work permits issued by the Immigration Department stipulate, as a condition of employment, that migrant workers may not join a “persatuan”, or association, which is interpreted by employers to also mean a “kersatuan” – or trade union.


All workers that work under the control and supervision of the principal must be the employees of the said principal not some third party.

Kami juga menuntut untuk pemansuhan pekerjaan tidak menentu precarious employmentdan untuk dikelakan hubungan kerja dua pihak yang adil di antara prinsipal dan pekerja-employeedan untuk menghormati hak pekerja dan hak kesatuan sekerja.

MTUC telah membantah dengan kuat dan juga telah berpiket di Parlimen pada 3hb Oktobertetapi walaupun terdapat bantahan keras daripada berbagai pihak, Rang Undang-undang kontroversial ini telah diluluskan di Dewan Rakyat pada 6hb Oktoberdan telah akhirnya mulai berkuatkuasa pada 1hb April For and on behalf.

The Star, Feb It opened doors resulting in a direct assault on the basic foundation of labour rights, the undermining dignity of labour, perpetuating the establishment and operation of dehumanized and bonded labour. Akta Kanak-Kanak Pindaan Documents. Monday, September 3, Human Resource Ministry responds to call for abolition of contractor for labour. Therefore, the belief that the Ministry is promoting employment of workers through the contractor for labour system or outsourcing is not accurate.

Secara berkesan, syarikat prinsipal dapat mengelak daripada tanggungjawab dan obligasi majikan untuk memastikan hak dan kebajikan pekerja-employee mereka. We, the undersigned 89 trade unions, civil society groups and organizations object to the actions of the government of Malaysia in destroying direct employment relationship between the principal, as employer, and their workers, as employees, with the latest amendments to the Employment Act However, claims by contractors for labour against principals can only be made through civil courts.

Ianya adalah jaminan pemilikan kerja security of tenure — yang memastikan kerja tetap, dan hak proprietari kepada kerja proprietary right to the job — dimana, antara lain, pembuangan kerja seseorang pekerja harus dilakukan hanya atas alasan atau sebab wajar just cause and excuse dan melalui proses wajar due process.

Posted by WH4C at 3: As you would realize that the changes made are in line with the desire of the Government to implement transformation in the management of industrial relations and as such obviously the worker element in catalyzing development of the country is an important factor that much be given attention.

Tetapi pada Junkerajaan telah membentang semula Rang Undang-Undang ini, hanya dengan sedikit perubahan, melalui Bill No: