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Adaptive edge-preserving denoising by point-wise wavelet basis selection. Comparison of measured acoustic power results gained by using three different methods on an ultrasonic low-frequency device.

Optimum multiplierless compensators for sharpened cascaded-integrator-comb decimation filters.

( ) Mala Skola Elektronike (1970)

Temperature measurements by means of NTC resistors and a two-parameter approximation curve. I-Tech Education and Publishing, Please make comments and suggestions.


Acute and chronic high-frequency properties of cardiac pacing and defibrillation leads. Generated heat within power cable sheaths per unit time and volume. Inteligentni i ekspertni sustavi u elektroenergetici. Controlled dust formation in pulsed rf plasmas. Corrective receding horizon scheduling of flexible distributed multi-energy microgrids.

Transdisciplinarity of Smart Health Care: Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Integration of renewable energy sources in southeast Elekrronike Disorder-induced variability of transport properties of sub-5 nm-wide graphene nanoribbons. Electrical measurements student laboratory: Heidelberg NewYork Dordrecht London: A simple stochastic method for modelling the uncertainty of photovoltaic power production based on measured data.

A Comprehensive Review, 2nd ed. Faculty of Electrical Engineering, J.

( ) Mala Skola Elektronike ()

Evolutionary algorithm with fuzzy numbers for planning active distribution network. Effect of transport of growing nanoparticles on capacitively coupled rf discharge dynamics.

Hrvatska udruga za informacijsku i komunikacijsku tehnologiju, elektroniku i mikroelektroniku MIPRO, zbornik.

Towards better understanding of frequent itemset relationships through tree-like data structures. Improvement of thermal performance of generator step-up transformers.


Adnan Kadric – Google+

Ekonomija i ekologija radiokomunikacijskih sustava. Potential distribution for a harmonic current point source in horizontally stratified multilayer medium. Detection of roadside vegetation using Fully Convolutional Networks.

Let a, b, c, d and e are non-negative numbers. Energy-efficiency analyses of heterogeneous macro and micro base station sites. Computational and Geometrical Aspects.

Energy efficient task allocation for service provisioning in Machine-to-Machine systems. Frequency domain boundary element versus time domain finite element model for the transient analysis of horizontal grounding electrode. Given real different numbers a, b and c.

Computation of electric field inside substations with boundary element methods and adaptive cross approximation. Fuji, Miroslav Furic, M.