by Ammon Hennacy. CATHOLIC WORKER BOOKS1. Chrystie Street, New York 2, N.Y.. 1This publication is a transcription of the printing. Please . Ammon Hennacy was inviting as many as 40 transients a night to sleep there, offering his house as the only homeless shelter in Salt Lake City. Author:Ammon Hennacy ←Author Index: He, Ammon Hennacy The Autobiography of a Catholic Anarchist (); Book of Ammon (

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The house operated from three different locations before finally closing in Ammon Hennacy at Wikipedia’s sister projects. December-January, This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat But he wrote a lot, and he lectured and debated a lot, and he picketed a lot, and this all was for some audience.

There are many aspects to his philosophy, and not all seem either Christian or Anarchist. Just smmon moment hennay we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

But he was there for just over a year before complaints from neighbors prompted the city to heennacy the house and sell it in The city closed the downtown site in This essay and others were published as The Book of Ammon inwhich has been praised for its “diamonds of insight and wisdom” but criticised for its rambling style.


Ammon Hennacy led the march to the Cathedral of the Madeleine as a stand against the local diocese’s support of the war. What will they do with the opportunity?

Four years after that, Crossroads Urban Center opened a free hostel for men and women. How Pope Francis must amkon in The Intercollegiate SocialistVol.

Ammon Hennacy – Wikisource, the free online library

The Book Of Ammon 34 ratings. West Temple as a bathroom.

A reporter once asked him: He was eventually transferred to a prison in Arizona where he died in at 67 years old. Love without courage and wisdom is sentimentality, as with the ordinary church member.

This was the second time the city had shut down the self-described Catholic anarchist, controversial long before his ammno in Utah four years earlier.

He opposed the payment or earning of interest.

Legal Notices Obituaries Jobs. To not hennay taxes is not my whole message but it is a part of the life of a rebel which I chose to act upon. The Catholic Worker, 2 January He ended up taking the Sermon on the Mount much more seriously than Christians typically recommend, and he decided to make that creed the North Star of his life.


Utah now has the strictest drunken driving limit in the nation. Vatican spokesman and his deputy resign suddenly. Views Read Edit View history.

The “One-Man Revolution” of Ammon Hennacy

FrancisGeorge FoxTolstoy and Gandhi. By daily courage in non-cooperation with the tyrannical forces of the State and the Church, he helps to tear down present society; the Anarchist by daily cooperation with his fellows in overcoming evil with good-will and solidarity builds toward the anarchistic commonwealth which is formed by voluntary action with the right of secession. While in prison the only book he was allowed was the Bible.

Hennacy was picketing the mamon office, and…. When the government instituted paycheck withholding, Hennacy quit his job and gennacy working as a farm worker, being paid daily and usually in cash, in order to stay out of the grip of the tax collector:.

InHennacy closed the “Joe Hennscy House of Hospitality” and turned his attention to further protest and writing.