One very useful function of ArcGIS is the creation of hyperlinks. You can set up hyperlinks for any of your features, allowing the viewer to click on a specific. Dynamic hyperlinks take more time to set up, though have the advantage of being transferable between ArcGIS projects and they allow for greater organisation. Yesterday, I set up a kml with hyperlinks to local pdf’s via a relative link. I can’t show what I was working on but I’ve recreated it with some public data. In arcmap .

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Now open the kmz in google earth. But, by overriding the default, you can specify most of the URL as the base— http: If there is a picture associated with this parcel, it opens in whatever application the file type is associated with by default, in Windows, a. Add the hhyperlinks class to ArcMap, and open the layer properties.

This is typically done to organize large amounts of data into more manageable smaller folders. The worker used his local drive and I trying to setup the link through our network so other workers can view the link pdfs.

For example, parameters can tell Adobe Reader to open a PDF to a specific page, allowing map hyperlinkz to hyperlink to different pages in the same document. Is This Content Helpful? You can define a hyperlink for the features in a layer either by arcmpa field-based hyperlinks or defining a dynamic hyperlink using the Identify tool.

As felix said, you could just do a simple replace operation on the field. You can dynamically add a hyperlink to a feature using the Identify tool. I needed to do this because my client is not GIS savvy and prefers to see spatial data in google earth.


Notify me of new posts by email. Using this property makes it easier to manage hyperlinks because if the location of the targets change, you can simply edit this one setting instead of having to edit each value of the field providing the hyperlink targets. Request Case Start Atcmap. The hyperlink field should look like this now. June 30, One step further: This list does not include field-based hyperlinks, and the commands available have no effect on field-based hyperlinks.

You can override this default so that no slash is automatically added. Content feedback is currently offline hyperinks maintenance.

BG Cartography » Hyperlinks to local docs – ArcMap and Google Earth

These group layers are translated to. With the proper formatting in the attribute tables of the GIS data, the hyperlinks carry over into the final product and allow my client to see the boundaries of certain maps and data and open the corresponding maps very quickly. In other words, we have a defined directory structure that gets deployed to remote sites, but each site may use different drive letters.

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Click the color drop-down menu to specify a different color for the highlights. For example, if you want to use the hyperlink base setting with long URLs such as this one— http: How do you change the network path in Dynamic Hyperlink? Daniel Rodriguez 11 1. The hyperlinked file is a. No only srcmap with the hyperlinked. These hyperlinks can be accessed for each feature using the Hyperlink tool on the Tools toolbar. Use some Python code, similar to the following to recursively walk through a directory and find the associated Parcel image: To use environment variables within ArcGIS, you will need to qualify the variable with a dollar sign, not percentage signs.


Defining hyperlnks hyperlink properties Defining dynamic hyperlinks through Identify results Using hyperlinks Managing hyperlink paths Making hyperlinks with relative paths Using parameters to control how a program opens a hyperlinked document Advanced hyperlink functionality.

The hyperlink target you specify is associated with the identified feature. Procedure In this example, the parent directory is called ‘Parcels’, but there are several subfolders underneath, breaking the Parcels down by zip code.

Using Hyperlinks

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Sometimes documents that must be hyperlinked to features are organized into several subfolders. Do you have multiple field s with hyperlinked? To avoid this happening again, look at the advanced hyperlink functionality.

Hyperlinks have to be defined before you use the Hyperlink tool, and they can be one of three types:. This allows you to access ArcObjects through your hyperlink script via the dispatch object. Do you want to Unsubscribe?

Get notified about latest updates to this technical article? You can create a dispatch object within your script code to call functions from a custom library.