Tagged with Sangean ATSA. Guest Post: Revisiting the Realistic DX RadioShack ad for the Realistic DX Many thanks to SWLing. SANGEAN. MODEL: ATSA. World Band Receiver. Har noe. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. Page 2. 5 6. 78 9. 8. &. ・. にしの』. A good friend of mind persuaded me to get the new up and coming radio company Sangean, and the new ATSA for $ then. So, I went that route and.

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Obviously, with many of the powerhouse shortwave stations having gone the way of the internet, I knew that my plan to couple the longwire with the amplified antenna had the potential to pay big dividends. Our advertisers are by invite only and are only radio related–no junk ads here!

I asked Eric for permission to post his email 803x only did he agree, but he also found photos he took at the time.

I placed my bid and waited patiently. At least not for DX’ing anyway. But always, in the back of my mind, I wondered about that near-mystical Realistic DX I set an alarm on my watch and came back in an hour.

I have had several shortwave recievers over the years. Once I saw it, I knew I must have it!

Could this really happen? Got one new way back when they first came out. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. New to Ham Radio? Contact the site with comments or questions.

Sangean ATSA | The SWLing Post

The usual battery connector problem and a dirty encoder were the only problems and easily fixed. SSB is available through use of a bfo which can be tricky but is able to be used with a light touch to cut the warbly voices into clear speech Overall not found new anymore but if you paid less than a I wanted to use the preselector function of the amplified antenna as well as the actual amplifier in order to maximize my ability to pull in distant stations.


With my Grundig G3 it will not have any bleed over onto Trending Price New. It was the Realistic DX! Around the time it came out, the radio most of us had our eyes on was the venerable Sony ICF In Europe make sure it divides by 9, with the exception of Europe 1 on Khz. The inside metal bits are a bit rusty, could have belonged to a yauchtie and the batteries had leaked requiring a lot of cleanup.

Tweaking afs the preamp on my homebrew loop overcame that problem though. I purchased a few other radios that would do SSB and most of them worked reasonably well. Results 1 to 4 of 4. Like a watched pot that never boils, I stared at the web page, refreshing it every couple of minutes. Reproduction in whole or part in as form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited.

Brought it home and it was filthy, but cleaned up like new both inside and out. I have owned mine for a very very long time, maybe since it was new.

This portable was a DX king for me, and I 803 use it as my main bed-side radio today.

Sangean ATS a PLL Shortwave World Band Receiver Radio | eBay

Signal handling is very good. I was, with the exception of the now-departedgenerally happy with the receivers that I had. Batteries are the only way to go. AS i 803w, good in its day, if i saw one cheap i woudl be tempted, but time has passed it by.


Sangean ATS 803a PLL Shortwave World Band Receiver Radio

I have owned 803 dx since and have used it extensively. The other day, however, while listening to some of my favorite stations on what is arguably my best current portable receiverthe Tecsun PL, I got to thinking about some of my other receivers, in particular, my Realistic DX It’s best to power this radio with a transformered 9VDC mA wallwart, since switching power supplies will be heard with this portable.

I had used it with other radios, but never in conjunction with a longwire antenna. However, I was anxious to pair the DX with the Realistic amplified antenna that I had picked up qts ago at an auction. While a radio like the Tecsun PL offers newer technology and the 8033a of an excellent synchronous detector, the DX holds its own against the newer technology.

With only 3 hours left, I began to get excited.

I was ready to change that. At one point, I had even managed to procure the much-celebrated ICF, which I loved dearly until it died a slow and unfortunate death that those with the know-how told me was beyond repair.

Good pre-owned condition, tested, and is in good working order. I have since given my DX a place next to my bedside and have enjoyed listening to whatever I could find to listen to most nights. So, I went that route and don’t regret it one bit.