BA ROHM Semiconductor Audio Amplifiers POWER AMP datasheet, inventory, & pricing. BA from ROHM >> Specification: Audio Power Amplifier, AB, 2 Channel, 5 W , 6V to 15V, SIP, 15 Pins. Technical Datasheet: BA Datasheet. The BA/BA is a dual OTL monolithic power IC with two built-in, high output speaker amplifier The BA not only exceeds basic characteristics.

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S1 is the standby switch. The prime objective of bootstrapping is to improve the input impedance.

They are earthing or cons? Setup and working of this stereo power amplifier circuit is somewhat similar to the BA based stereo amplifier circuit published previously.

Pls what is the value of C11 and C12? Stereo amplifier based on TDA Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email datasheeet will not be published. This design is from BA datasheet. Hi C10 and 11 are 2.

BA Datasheet(PDF) – Rohm

C10 and C11 are 2,2uF. And one more question, what is the value of C10 and C11?

You may also like: BA stereo power amplifier. C4 is the power supply filter capacitor. C1 and C5 are bootstrap capacitors. My final question is regarding the speakers.


C8 is a filter capacitor. BA stereo amplifier circuit. TDA stereo amplifier circuit: This amplifier can output 22 watts per channel into 4 ohm loud speakers. Additionally, what wattage must the resistors be rated at? Low distortion and noise.

BA5417 Datasheet PDF

Are signal and power source ground on this scheme common,if not can someone tell me which one is signal and wich one i power. Bootstrapping is a method in which a portion of the amplifiers is taken and applied to the input.

R3 and R4 sets the gain of the left and right channels of the amplifier in conjunction with the 39K internal feedback resistors. Networks R1,C3 satasheet R2,C7 are meant for improving the high frequency stability of the circuit. Can please tell why 25 volts electrolytic capacitor???

A very popular stereo amplifier design. A stereo amplifier design with a lot of great features like over load protection and thermal shut down. I think the title of the post should be 2x5w stereo power amplifier not 5x2w. The circuit has good power supply rejection and also bx5417 is a built in mute circuitry. Datashfet from 12V DC and requires very few external components. BA stereo amplifier circuit: C2 and C6 couples the amplifiers left and right power outputs to the corresponding loud speakers.


BA is a stereo amplifier IC with a lot of good features like thermal shut down, standby function, soft clipping, wide operating voltage range etc. Potentiometers for controlling the volume is also included in the circuit.

Operating voltage is 24V DC. Previous post Next post. This circuit can be also powered from 12V DC. Your email address will not be published. C12 is 47uF 25 volts electrolytic capacitor. Suitable for low power car audio applications. Power output is 32 watts per channel into 4 ohm speakers. I understand that when using a circuit that accommodates 4ohm loudspeakers, using 8ohm speakers will be safe for the circuit, but is there a way I can optimize the circuit for 8ohm speakers instead?

Simple stereo amplifier circuit that can deliver 5 watt per channel sound output into a 4 dataaheet speaker.