Bifurcaria bifurcata is a southern species found on the Atlantic coast of France, Spain and Portugal and extending to the south and west coasts. Bifurcaria bifurcata , Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: ?p=taxdetails&id= on . Bifurcaria bifurcata. No image available for this species; drawing shows typical species in this Family. Classification / Names Common names | Synonyms | CoL .

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A student’s guide to the seashore. Isle of Man historical wildlife records to Manx Biological Recording Partnership, Cylindrical fronds, unbranched near base bifurcataa branched dichotomously but generally with different sizes which gives a typical zigzag aspect.

Detailed distribution with sources Click to Load. S hydroxygeranylgeraniol-derived diterpenes from the brown alga Bifurcaria bifurcata. A field key to the British brown seaweeds Phaeophyta.

The Seaweed Site: information on marine algae

UK Biodiversity Action Plan habitats. Rounded air bladders sometimes present. Effect of different conditioning treatments on total phenolic content and antioxidant activities in two Sargassacean species: This review can be cited as: Marine Drugs 15, Unlike the other fucoids, Bifurcaria bifurcata has no disc-like holdfast. Bibliography 12 link s available. Type species The type species holotype of the genus Bifurcaria is Bifurcaria tuberculata Stackhouse.


Bifurcaria bifurcata :: Algaebase

An extract from the brown alga Bifurcaria bifurcata induces irreversible arrest of cell proliferation in a non-small-cell bronchopulmonary carcinoma line. Ross y Halydris siliquosa L. Citation This review can be cited as: A check-list and atlas of the seaweeds of Britain and Ireland. Bifurcaria bifurcata at Ilfracombe. It also forms a low water zone in some locations in south-west England and west Ireland.

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A family business producing seaweed as supplements, cooking, gardening and bath products. Citing AlgaeBase Biffurcata this record as: Based on a work at www. Populations persisting in poold for many years.

Type information Type locality: Some aspects of the problem of the distribution of Bifurcaria bifurcata Velley Ross on the shores of Ireland, north of the Shannon Estuary.

Halidrys siliquosa also occurs in similar pools but is profusely alternately branched with compressed fronds in the plane of branching, and commonly has compartmented floation structures with the shape of pea-pods. Epilithic in intertidal tide pools, occasionally exposed at low tide and extending into the shallow subtidal.

World-wide electronic publication, National University of Ireland, Galway.

WoRMS – World Register of Marine Species – Bifurcaria bifurcata ,

Journal of the Linnean Society of London, Botany Fronds tough, cylindrical, smooth, narrowly forked from about half way up the thallus. Bifurcats and Sensitivity Key Information Reviews[on-line].


Frond cylindrical, unbranched near base then branching dichotomously. The species directory of the marine fauna and flora of the British Isles and surrounding seas. Investigacion Pesquera 47 3: Comparison of the frondose Sargassum muticum Yendo Fensholt and the cylindrical Bifurcaria bifurcata R.

Notes on the attachment of zygotes and germlings of Bifurcaria bifurcata Ross Phaeophyceae, Fucales Note. Scottish National Heritage Hiscock, S. Flora phycologica iberica Vol.

Further south on open rock at low water, sometimes zone-forming. Algaebase is sponsored by: There have been page loads since 1 January on 31 December Seaweed coursescookery courses, and much biurcata in Co. In Britain and Ireland mostly found in pools at about MTL, occasionally at low water on wave-washed ledges. Olive-yellow in colour, but much darker when dry. Miscellaneous records held on the Cofnod database.

Status of name This name is of an entity that is currently accepted taxonomically.