Blood of Elves has ratings and reviews. Claire said: I struggled a lot with this book: I wanted to like it, since I’ve heard really good thi. Blood of Elves [Andrzej Sapkowski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Geralt the Witcher-revered and hated-holds the line against the . Blood of Elves (Polish: Krew elf√≥w) is the first novel in the Witcher saga written by Andrzej Sapkowski. It is a sequel to the Witcher short story collections Sword.

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The last story of the second book left Geralt stuck with – supposedly – his destiny; namely a child not his. In my opinion, Sapkowski writes the relationships between a young girl and her older female mentors with sincerity and impressive believability. If he isn’t going to slay monsters, the least he could do is hang out with his ward and friends more than he does.

Title issue 2 46 Oct 28, And then I reach the end which is obviously not The End but a bloof for The Next Book, which was first published in Yepthat’s what I thought. It’s a really intriguing beginning and sets the action up expertly. Kindle Editionpages. Adrzej then, continuing with Triss alone, the book drives sapkwoski how much she wants to have sex with Geralt and then spends the rest of her part in the story with her suffering from dysentery-like symptoms.

Dandelion is the finest bard in the land who causes the ladies to swoon, the lords to be jealous and the brothel owners to panic! Geralt, the witcher of Rivia, has taken Ciri to the relative safety of the Witchers’ Settlement, but it soon becomes clear that Ciri isn’t like the other witchers.

As the first of a five-book series, Blood of Elves would benefit from a map and character swpkowski as Sapkowski’s sudden and often fleeting reference to various countries, territories and characters can become confusing at times. The world itself is an unoriginal hodgepodg Perhaps it’s because it is a translated book, but I found it to be an extremely choppy and disconnected story, full of anachronistic dialogue, abrupt changes of scene, large gaps elevs sequence and character development, full of long-winded explanations via clumsy narrative dialogue, repetitive action sequences, and generally boring.


He’s powerful, but reluctant to use his power in a way that might play into the world’s terrible politics.

Zajdel Award for Novel Yeneffer only likes to Geralt of Rivia, and Ciri, but to no one else, and to replace a Geralt is one of the flaws of the novel. Moving effortlessly between moments of wrought emotion and staggeringly effective action, to lengthy periods of political discussion and war stratagems, Sapkowski addresses every aspect of a good fantasy novel eloquently and with ease. Yennefer’s interactions with Ciri were my favourite part of the book, ultimately.

Lisa from Poland I’ve red Sapkowski’s books about 5 times. The male protagonist was a big empty void. About a year before the beginning of the story, the Empire of Nilfgaard attacks the Kingdom of Cintra. I really wanted to like this, but none of the characters feel fleshed-out or realistic, and the story itself drags along like a wounded locomotive.

I like the depiction of Nilfgaard inside the book as they back away from the Nazi-analogues from the previous novel. Well he hunted exactly one monster in here; none others bothered even to show up.

Blood of Elves (The Witcher, #3) by Andrzej Sapkowski

The characters really adapt and connect to the amazing story. Read it before this, and Sword of Destiny too. The other part of this is the brewing war between the Nilfgaardians and the countries on the other side of the river.

I did feel that I needed a map to keep all of the little countries and their relations to each other, and maybe even a diagram with all the rulers and their relations to each other, but the important ones were easy enough to follow.

Blood Of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski

The only event that could be considered as such was a confrontation at the eighty percent mark and then we were gifted a Ciri training session to conclude. But that’s about all the good things I can say about this title. I felt the author is too Wordy.

Dunque le imprese di Geralt passano in secondo piano e sono soprattutto finalizzate alla protezione della piccola Ciri. Sapkowski definitely has a flare for writing adventure and action, even experienced through the lens of translation. It didn’t really have an exciting finale. Witam was bardzo serdecznie! andzrej

This is stupid, this is stupid, this is stupid. I mean, a world of moral grey areas unorthodox in Fantasy based on Slavic mythology.


He gotta drag out word of whatever in a sentence to its death. I hope to see more action next time. Maybe it’s me and my own taste. Each of the characters leaves a trail, each one missing when it comes to someone else, my dream is to make a screening without spending money and then you will see that it is probably the best fancy in history.

Shahaf Shaked from Israel Sapkowski’s works certainly don’t lack intrigue, and suffuse the genre with a fresh breeze. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I don’t always mind non-linear narrative, but here it really detracted from the story, made it feel broken-up and confused, and I honestly could not see why the book was organised that way.

This time this is a full-length novel with multiple POVs.

As the threat of war hangs over the land and the child is hunted for her extraordinary powers, it will become Geralt’s responsibility to protect them all – and the Witcher never accepts defeat. Sapkowski has created a cycle of tales based on the world of The Witcher, comprising three collections of short stories and five novels. I plan on continuing this series as I do enjoy it. I want to say only one thing. The English edition isn’t due until next year, and that’s only book 2 of what looks like a 5 book series not counting the short story editions, such as “The Last Wish”.

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Blood of Elves

I’m not saying it’s boring, but if you’re use to modern western fantasy stories, you may not enjoy the slow pace. Sapkowsji Last Wish wasn’t perfect, but something about it kept be reading. I certainly prefer Kierkegard Existentialism, or Mika Waltari. Although if I had to choose the best moment is when Geralt defeated a squid and argues with a naturalist if there are such creatures, while an insufferable child is saying that his father is better than everyone.