Former antiques dealer Pobi boldly announces his arrival as a cunning novelist with this grim and gory debut thriller. FBI contractor Jake Cole. Bloodman by Robert Pobi book review. Click to read the full review of Bloodman in New York Journal of Books. Review written by Renee C. Official website for novelist Robert Pobi. Worldwide – August 6, His novel, Bloodman, was called ” a remarkable debut ” by Booklist, and ” a relentless.

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I enjoyed reading your review, Elizabeth. They’re the kind of thing that really makes you hate the bad guys, ya know? Aug 17, Margaret rated it really liked it. Fiction and non-fiction titles grace his to-be-read pile but the book that made him realize he wanted to write was The Eiger Sanction by Trevanian. Stay far away if things of this ilk tend to disturb you. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction.

Give me a break. I really liked how Jake’s history with his father was described right off the bat. The serial killer the police are looking for skins his victims so definitely a novel for those that can handle gruesome details. At what point does a techno-thriller become science fiction?

This makes it no less worth reading by any measure. He is a master at solving the puzzles left behind by murderers.

I enjoyed going back to the bloodmman thr This will probably go on and do very well, because it will fulfill people’s expectations of a thriller. This is not a mystery that will blood,an your life, but it is one that does its job, and does it exceptionally well; it’s Mirage rather than The Usual Suspects. You could doll that up in Sherlock Holmes-speak: It’s dark, very dark. Hard shit to read. April 2, – Berkley. Once a brilliant man, Coleridge is gripped by dementia and in a moment of madness set himself on fire.


I can only describe this book as tedious – I just kept wishing it to be over. No mother would put her child in harm’s way like that.

Jake recognized a picture in the home right away. This was a page turner, a bloody novel, one that I had a hard time putting down. They found two bodies in a house up the beach from his gobert place, a woman and a child both skinned alive. I love when that happens! Then the local sheriff asks for his help: But damned if I know how to review it. The other major influence in his writing he credits is a nomadic lifestyle as a child.

He wasn’t in town long bloodmann the local Sheriff called him in for some help on a case, the okay given by his handler with the Bureau. Jake remembered noting that she resembled his late mother.

I’ll start off by saying that I enjoyed this book. They’d come down to join him this same day. Books by Robert Pobi.

Bloodman by Robert Pobi

That probably had a lot to do with why I didn’t end up vloodman this as much as some other reviewers have. Hurricane Dylan is a Category 5 monster which leaves unprecedented death and destruction in its wake.

If you love reading mystery, suspense thrillers, don’t miss out on this one. It wasn’t that I figured it out before the big reveal – I did, but that doesn’t really bother me. For Cole, this poib a gut punch. Some scenes were amazing in my opinion and can be looked at as for shock value to others.


Interwoven with the main storyline are updates on the growth and approach of Hurricane Dylan, which serve as literal representation of the growing danger and impending showdown which is destined to take place in Montauk. He had unique abilities that were quite interesting to read about.

Bloodman by Robert Pobi

She lives with her husband and two cats on four acres in south central Pennsylvania. Viewing the crime scene, Jake sees more than anyone could have expected: It puts Jake in the position of trying to deconstruct not just the psychology of a killer, but of kin as well.

Fobert favorite perk of being a published writer is getting advance reader copies of novels. Now he writes robett day — at a desk that once belonged to Roberto Calvi. Once home, Jake is pulled into a gruesome local homicide investigation that echoes his mother’s murder three decades earlier.

He soon gets caught up investigating a series of extremely grizzly murders, and finds himself questioning what is what isn’t reality. With demons lurking in the corners of his own mind, he can relate to and decipher the thoughts and intentions of the monsters he is trained to hunt down. View all 21 comments. Mar 19, Arah-Lynda rated it blooodman liked it Shelves: