Mel Mermelstein is a Hungarian-born Jew, sole-survivor of his family’s extermination at He wrote of the court battle in his autobiography, entitled By Bread Alone. “About these so-called deniers of The Holocaust, and who they really are, see. Mermelstein, Mel. By Bread Alone. Auschwitz Study Foundation, Inc: Huntington Beach, CA, Professor Marcuse recomended reading By Bread Alone. Looking at the Holocaust from two perspectives: Mel Mermelstein’s book By Bread Alone, and an interview with survivor Ralph Hokmann. by Amber Anapolsky.

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Hopefully, by studying different perspectives, a fuller understanding of the Holocaust will emerge. The main facts that the Institute for Historical Review denies are that six million Jews were killed during the Holocaust, and gas chambers were used to kill people.

Johnson ruled in favor of Mel Mermelstein, finding that he had provided sufficient evidence to prove his claim that Jews were gassed in the gas chambers at Auschwitz. Apr 27, Charlene Mathe rated it it was amazing. Other editions – View all By bread alone: Apparently, Mermelstein survived only because his ordeal lasted one year: The descriptions are frighteningly presented with heart wrenching indisputable detail, often minute by minute.

There would be bread!

Mel Mermelstein

The IHR refused to pay the reward, stating that Mermelstein’s notarized account was “not sufficient proof”. Bitterness, yes…but hopelessness, no. After prolonged emancipation and rehabilitation he eventually came to live in California and raised a family. All this happened in the age of telephones pre interneti know almost archaic, a good example of why people need to be in control of thier govermentthis story saddens me!


The Institute claims that merjelstein six million Jews fled Nazism and are now living in Israel. Michelle rated breadd it was amazing Jul 14, With knowledgeable precision, we learn how the family was separated, who succumbed and who survived.

in depth review of By Bread Alone, his 33d project

Unfortunately, some of the pictures are of poor quality. Bread was heavy mermelstin to serve as a good missile, and would land where aimed. I found it difficult because I do not know the dynamics of court cases and am not use to reading legal documents.

Books by Mel Mermelstein. For example, The Institute for Historical Review claims that there is no evidence bbread a single Jew was ever gassed in gas chambers during the Holocaust.

The Institute for Historical Review claims that the chimneys of Auschwitz did not smoke from the gas chambers. This is a true story of Mel Mermelstein.

By bread alone: the story of A – Mel Mermelstein – Google Books

Mermelstein survival, but also a history lesson on how this Evil system of death started, and how even in the 80s Mr. Ian rated it it was amazing Apr 26, Had we better learned from this larger history, we would not now be repeating it.

An In-depth review of By Bread Alone. His story is a true example of survival and the will of man. Hardcoverpages. Patti rated it really liked it Jun 09, No trivia or quizzes yet. Listen, before you ask, before you question, repeat after me: It’s amazing that we as humans need reminders to treat each other brea human beings. But even jermelstein I said them, a softening set in. Auschwitz Study Foundation, Inc: I am now in the process of relocating back to the US and I found this book again.


Hopefully the mermelsteib doesnt get like this again! It is the story of one man, what it was like day to day in the extermination camps, and how hope was kept alive.

Bread would certainly be picked up and not neglected, and it would mermelstdin be broken to reveal the note.

What can we do to avoid future Holocausts? The Institute for Historical Review denies some of the facts about the Holocaust.

Wenke entered a judgment based upon the Stipulation for Entry of Judgment agreed upon by the parties on July 22, The Institute for Historical Review refused to pay the reward. Mermelstein, in turn, submitted a notarized account of his internment at Auschwitz and how he witnessed Nazi guards ushering his mother and two sisters and others towards as he learned aoone gas chamber number five.