The Cainites, or Cainians were a Gnostic and Antinomian sect who were known to venerate . for doubting the truth of Irenaeus’ account, though accusations of immorality urged against heretics should always be received with caution. This is a beautiful book, I cannot stress that enough. Cainite Heresy is one of the best books that White Wolf have ever published. This book is paced full of. Thankfully, Cainite Heresy is more the latter than the former. This book is a good, useful exploration of how vampire imagery can infiltrate (and sometimes.

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Remember also that for a lot of individuals being a Cainite Bishop or Priest in the heresy offers a lot of power within pro-Heresy areas but concequently makes you enemies like Anatole.

TrippyHippy – Sunday, 13th August, Call of Cthulhu He speaks of Abel as derived from the weaker principle—a statement which bears the marks of authenticity.


The Perturbed Dragon 3. But, is this just a spotlight on a random rpg product? Demon Cat Illuminated Dark Ages character sheets and more. We have no ground to suppose that the Cainites held such a view, but they seem to have professed the belief that this fullness of experience was essential to salvation.

Le Jeu d’Adam 12th century Cain Originally posted by Kale Fangblade View Post. Actually the CH issue got me wondering what kind of forces were behind the rise of Christianity. Get Some Cards for Your Spokes: The Sabbat also considers the Cainite Heresy to be heretical because it interprets the marking of Caine as a gift with a purpose, not as a curse to punish him for his hubris.

A Kids on Bikes Review. The oldest source is vainite be found in Irenaeus, adv. Morrus – Monday, 14th August, I wonder why is that so; certainly in middle ages there were many christian and pious vampires, but they were probably not the majority? Originally Posted by Morrus.


Unveiling The Cainite Heresy

Articles needing additional references from November All articles needing additional references Source attribution. I’ll stop historygasming now. Originally Posted by Enevhar Aldarion. He appears to have had some source of information independent of Irenaeus.

One of their purported religious texts was the Cainit of Judas. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

That’s not a good image. Akodoken – Monday, 14th August, Akodoken – Sunday, 13th August, Having read Dark Ages core book and some of the Novels, I was under the impression that Heresu Heresy was portrayed as dangerous sect, generally detrimental to the vampire cause. So far as the moral character and conduct of the Cainites is concerned, there is no doubt that Irenaeus intended to represent them cainitr shrinking from no vileness, but rather as deliberately practising it.

Ask Me Anything The confluance of religion, Road, Clan, regional culture, and personal interpretation can prompt serious soul-searching and many unresolved or conflicting ethical ideas. In an alternate reality where no single religion gained monopoly, with many diverse and conflicting religions and cults coexising, it would be much easier for Cainites to rule openly, or at least not being hunted by mortals.

Have they just made it available for POD or something? Retrieved from ” https: Enevhar Aldarion – Monday, 14th August, Basically, the Cainite Heresy looked like the heretical cult it was to anyone not directly part of it, and to some who were. Rhetoric such as “rule in the darkness rather than humble himself falsely in the light” was more popular amongst some circles and Roads than others Via RegalisI’m looking at you.

From the human-christian perspective CH is certainly a most blasphemous heresy, but why would most vampires view it as such?

Unveiling The Cainite Heresy. Caiite material may be challenged and removed.

Who could have seen that caiinte in AD? Gnosticism Early Gnostic sects. This would also be combined with the whole illfeeling throughout the middle ages towards the church and its huge amount of wealth, influence, power and corruption that would occasionally flare up.


Sunless Skies Come to Tabletop: Curse of Strahd The view that Judas through his more perfect Gnosis penetrated the wish of Jesus more successfully than the others, and accomplished it by bringing him to the Cross through which he effected redemption, is only one of them.

This article needs additional citations for verification. He states that they taught, as did Carpocratesthat salvation could be attained only by passing through all experience. I am confused, since I never go into any of the Dark Ages stuff, but is this just about the release or is this an updated, new release?

Why Cainite “Heresy” ? – Onyx Path Forums

Not so much “news” as a “retrospective”. They regarded Judas the traitor as having full cognizance of the truth. For inspiration on this kind of matter look at Cathars, Dominic Gusmund St. One Page Adventures 4.

ReviewsWorld of Darkness. The Cainitesor Cainians Greek: Presumably, then, they thought of dainite division of mankind into two classes—the spiritual and the materialthe latter belonging to the realm of the Creator and deriving their being from him, but doomed to dissolution, while the former class contained the spiritual men, imprisoned, it is true, in bodies of flesh, but yet deriving their essential being from the highest Power, opposed by the Creator and his minions, but winning the victory over them as Cain did over Abel.

They had roughly a thousand good years to use and abuse it, as they have every other strong social institution, before it turned violently against them.