The Zhouyi cantong qi JUMrHfp]^ (“Token of the Agreement of the Three in Accordance with the Book of Changes”) illustrates another facet of the links between. The Zhouyi cantong qi 周易參同契 “Token for the agreement of the Three according to the Book of Changes”, shortly called Cantongqi, is the most important. To Yoshiko Contents Preface, ix Introduction, 1 The Title of the Cantong qi, 2 A At least thirty-eight commentaries to the Cantong qi written through the end of.

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Cantong qi – Wikipedia

This is the way of the True Man zhenren. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. He poured some of the elixir into the mouths of the dead disciple and the dog, and they also revived. Unlike doctines that we might liken to perhaps Das Kapital or Mein Kampf which are attributed to individuals and their ideologies, Cantong Qi is one of several works as topically diverse as Laozhi in terms of philosophy, Huang Di Neijing in terms of medicine, and Sun Tzu in terms of military docrtrine, all of which have been subjected to the moderating influence of broader experience which comes with time and collaborative development.

Therefore lead is black outside but hides the Golden Flower, [like a man] wearing rough garments who hides a piece of jade, but outside looks like a fool. In the way of “superior virtue”, the state prior to the separation of the One into the two is spontaneously attained. The second and fourth lines allude to the inversion of this process in alchemy, where Metal is extracted from Water.

For the 8th century Buddhist poem, see Sandokai. Chinese alchemists, as Nathan Sivin has pointed out,3 often compared the compounding of an elixir to the process by which minerals naturally transmute themselves into gold within the earth.

The Seal of the Unity of the Three

With regard to the individual components of the present- day Cantong qi, its cosmological portions definitely reflect a Han background. Page numbers do not correspond to those in the complete version of this book.

For the variants found in these verses among different redactions of the Cantong qi, see the Textual Notes. The Cantong qi is deemed to be the earliest book on alchemy in China.


MeditationNei Gong. This section rejects meditation methods, breathing practices, sexual techniques, and the worship of minor deities and spirits. On the basis of the above evidence, Pregadio These multiple representations are summarized in the table below note the inversion that occurs with the passage canong xiantian to houtian.

Views Read Edit View history. We may, nevertheless, briefly summarize the main results of our inquiry.

acntong The Cantong qi devotes much attention to practices deemed to be inadequate for true realization. Since then, [the Cantong qi ] has circulated in the world.

From the Cantong qi.

The cosmological portions of the Cantong qi give prominence to the role and functions of the ruler. He shows that its roots lie in the study of the Book of Changes that occupied scholars in the 2nd century CE and their thoughts on analogies between micro- and macrocosm.

In a masterly work. The state of Unity, to which the four external agents must return in order to generate life, is represented by number 1, which belongs to Water. If the two sets of walls are shaped as joined semicircles, they form a wheel see fig. The relationship between xiantian and houtian, or analogous correlates, is a key element in alchemy and other doctrines, bound to show that the two sides of the dichotomy are radically different and yet fundamentally one.

Apparatus, Theories and Gifts, According to this record trans. Gen is the waning quarter, which occurs at the middle of the second half of the month, eight days after the full Moon i. While the application of the najia device to the moon phases takes the month as a time unit, the twelve sovereign hexagrams reproduce the upturn and decline of yin and yang throughout the year. In the arrangement of the Ancient Textthe 4- and 5-character verses are not reproduced in the same sequence as in the standard version; and in the new arrangement, the discourse of Cantong qi reveals a much clearer pattern.

This image too alludes to a passage in the Daode jing, which refers to the empty center that brings about existence by saying: The Secret of Everlasting Life: The history of the Cantong qi is a subject of importance for the reconstruction of the whole history of Chinese alchemy, and especially the neidan tradition.

Renmin wenxue chuban- she ed. After the two other disciples had left, Wei Boyang came to life again. Only the portion corresponding to Book 1 is extant. The Main Text Except for a few passages in prose, Books 1 and 2 are made of rhymed verses in four or five characters. Shanghai guji chuban- she, When they tested it on a dog, the dog died. The main images of Kan and Li are the Moon and the Sun, which alternate in their growth and decline during the longer or shorter time cycles.


The two functions yong have no [fixed] positions in the lines: Their tortuous routes run against the Yellow Emperor and the Old Master, their winding courses oppose the Nine Capitals. The Kinship of the Three.

Li El and kan E-E do not match any moon phase, as they represent the immobile Center and do not become part of the cycle. An axiom common to these xantong is that existence and any of its impermanent constituents including time cannot be identified with the Principle but are among the changing and transient attributes that the Principle can assume. Several authors of commentaries to the standard version of the Cantong qi have regarded the Ancient Text as spurious, and similar criticism has also been voiced by Chinese scholars from the Qing period onward.

Most of the cosmological portions date, instead, from the third-second centuries bce. Under an allusive poetical lan- guage and thick layers of images and symbols, the Cantong qi cantkng the text is often called hides the exposition of a doctrine that inspired a large number of commentaries and other works, and attracted the attention not only of Taoist masters and adepts, but also of philoso- phers, cosmologists, poets, literati, calligraphers, philologists, and bibliophiles.

He and three disciples retired to a mountain and compounded an elixir. As Chen Guofu was the first to show Daozang yuanliu xukao,this commentary dates from around A.

The liver is green and is the father. Spagyrical Discovery and Invention: The Cantong qi itself uses the word can with this meaning in one of its verses The agents are generated in the first place by the division of original Unity into Yin and Yang, and by the further subdivision of Yin and Yang canntong four states.