In ufology, the psychosocial hypothesis, abbreviated PSH, argues that at least some UFO . Arnold also complained the flying saucer label arose because of a “great deal of . Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies ( ), Carl They say Jung truly seriously considered the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. Carl Jung was one of the first to try and analyze these “blips” on the One of his final works, Flying Saucers, was an attempt to answer why it. While Jung is known mainly for his theories on the nature of the unconscious mind, he did have an interest in the paranormal. In his books ‘Flying Saucers: A.

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This is because the entire universe is a projection of the collective unconscious which is why the Law of Attraction works without flaw when utilized properly and can be used to invoke paranormal phenomena. I’d even given up, sort of, on science fiction–well, not during breaks maybe.

The shelves were labeled by category, and I easily found where the Jung books were. February 15, at 4: Jung risibly complained about that newspaper piece for making him look like someone who believed ufos were physically real.

Flying Saucers : C. G. Jung :

Jung came to the conclusion that UFOs were examples of the phenomena of synchronicity where external events mirror internal psychic states. In this essay, Jung applies his analytical skills to the UFO phenomenon. As soon as I saw the outside, I knew it was the bookstore from my dream.

In my humble opinion, many sakcers his insights are utterly fanciful. While the public was given the impression that the aliens would be based on those found in ufo investigations; the CE3K alien design team had never been given drawings to base their work on.

Flying Saucers : A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky

List of scientific skeptics Committee for Flyimg Inquiry. Retrieved from ” https: A contribution to the scientific study of the periodicity of the flying saucer phenomenon in its correlation with the oppositions of Mars” Flying Saucer Review suacers, 8, 5, September—Octoberpp Later phantom flier imagery saucwrs into Foo-fighters and ghost rockets, in accordance with new rumors and newer facts of evolving modern technology.


Whatever the ultimate explanations of individual modern ufo flaps prove to be, it is blatant that social forces can be a sufficient cause in creating emotional climates favorable to frequent sightings of things in the sky that are not fully real. Carl Jung was telling us about our direct connection to the Divine. The imagery of these earlier flaps give little ground to broad extraterrestrial interpretations: In this sense, the UFOs became modern symbols for the ancient gods which came to man’s assistance in time of need.

They were only given a brief verbal directive that they should be large-headed and short. An event in led Jung to conclude that it was more desirable for people to believe UFOs exist than to believe they don’t exist.

This book, though coming from ten years of research, feels like it was written in a whirlwind hour period of random associations filled in with tidbits of interesting information.

Not bad at all. In his private life, his friends claimed that this research made him a believer, and that it was an obsession of his until his death. In this essay, Jung applies his analytical skills to the UFO phenomenon.

He carrl clearly dismiss the report as irrelevant — the implicit issue is explaining the dominance of the shape.

Write a customer review. Index of ufology articles. Gravity and Grace Simone Weil. Cxrl don’t fight abduction; we simply try to recover our memories, all the while aware that they could be false, that in our very recovery we participate in an alien plan.

Jung flatly told Lindbergh he was no longer interested in the psychological interpretation of UFOs as he was convinced they were real objects and the US Air Force was keeping this fact a secret from the public.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Anyway, glad I read it. Physically the book was in perfect condition.

Psychosocial hypothesis

Want to Read saving…. Buy the selected items together This item: Over time he became unnerved, as he realized that these people were not only credible witness’s, but were clearly quite sane. He saw flying saucers as a modern myth in the making, to be passed down the generations just as we have received such myths from our ancestors.


It’s a precious collection about primitive and medieval history on UFO and a great attempt of perspective ou the future ways of human psyche. Carl Gustav Jung Ponders Death. It is necessary to add that researchers in the psychosocial tradition have not held much respect for glib notions of flaps like mass hysteria e. And most of the book is given over to analysing the symbology of UFOs in dreams, and putting the case that most UFO encounters fall into certain psychological patterns.

He references parapsychology a lot, leading me to believe Jung believed in parapsychology?

Jung, in Flying Saucers? The sunlight could be related to the bright lights that sometimes precede UFO events, or just that the bookstore was a source of illumination. I probably wasn’t “individuated” enough as Jung would say.

Abduction, however, recognizes the futility of resistance even as it points to other possible freedoms. I just couldn’t I tried, you guys, I really tried. He chose only eye witnesses who’s credibility he considered to be very high, pilots, police officers, military, radar personnel and scientists. Share your thoughts with other customers. English Choose a language for shopping. In fact they seem to increasingly dominate contemporary American popular culture.

Which is pretty convincing as theories about UFOs go. But his attempts to understand the phenomena were just great. As Jung was skeptical that the average man on the street could not provide accurate eyewitness accounts, he reserved his interviews to “Professional observers”, pilots, military personnel, police and radar operators.

Yes, he gave a psychological interpretation of them, after all he WAS a psychologist.