cfdocument will take your combination of CFML and HTML and convert it to a PDF. Also note that if you have a Word file that you save HTML, the resulting PDF. Is there a ColdFusion method of converting a Word file into pdf? going to suggest that.. but I didn’t think cfdocument understood MS Word’s version of HTML. Can you embed an excel or word file into cfdocument. is it pososible to create a pdf from a query and during upload of doucmnets to attach.

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No it shouldn’t generate a valid pdf file. Just can’t get it to work From Coldfusion cfdocument documentation: CFDocument is meant for creating dynamic documents.

Creating a Word document in Coldfusion – how to have pagenumbering? – Stack Overflow

You can specify this tag’s attributes in an attributeCollection attribute whose value is a structure. This also addresses some of the “missing image” problems which I mentioned here. How some tried to workaround the problem with file: Absolute path of a file that is on the server. A side effect of this is Server ends up cfdpcument HTTP request even for local URL or images that are lying on the local file system which obviously hurts the performance.

Password required to access restricted permissions. This is kind of unrelated, but relevant at the same time imo.

Managed Hosting Services provided by. Have you tried removing it?

Email Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. It can be one of the following values: There is also thing called “SolidConverter”. Charlie Arehart’s Server Troubleshooting Blog. Basics of the LocalURL attribute Before we go any further, let’s start with the details of the attribute which may surprise many. It’s also totally possible that, given the more complex formatting in the Word document, you may just be running into a limitation of POI or iText.



Bottom margin in inches default or centimeters. Default unit for the pageHeight, pageWidthand margin attributes:. This content has been marked as final. In-memory files speed processing of transient data.

Originally Posted by kiteless. Host name or IP address of a proxy server to which to send the request. Ah, right, I forgot that POI doesn’t support Word very vfdocument for some reason maybe the difficulty in getting it to work well in a range of situations. Bookmarks ColdFusion 9 supports bookmarks.

Sorry guys i had some forgot password issues and even thought i tried a couple of times it refuses to sent me a new one. First, as I show above, it’s CL This scope contains the following variables:.

Create the directories in the path before you specify the file. I’ve taken a look at http: A Boolean value that specifies if form fields are exported as widgets or only their fixed print representation is exported. You might need to take a look at some other solution. It is not an universal to-from converter.

If you may have some simple example that can demonstrate the problem, perhaps I or others can run it on our own machines. Added the following attributes and variables: As for a place to “file it away”, check out ffdocument relatively new cf Once I resolved those issues the.

Sadly, this issue is only barely mentioned in the CF Docs page on CFDocumentand it would be easy to miss the point it’s trying to make. Second, there are certainly still other possible CFDocument performance issues, and the following other resources address some of those: If there is such a capability then which program would you recommend i use? All is good but I need to be able to place dynamic information in the header or footeror automatic pagenumbering would be a second best option.


The bad news is that you have to do it at all, and that if you don’t do it, it can have such unfortunate and unexpected impact. If you specify customalso specify the pageHeight and pageWidth attributes, can optionally specify margin attributes and whether the units are inches or centimeters.

I’ll be doing so myself once I have more stuff from a few more people, and may also expand on the “info” on each topic that I may provide on some of the pages, beyond just resources. Free Web Developer Tools. And do you realize that expandpath creates an absolute URL? And I see now where the “commercial” discussion came from. Thanks for your response, and for this amazing resource! Specifies whether ColdFusion overwrites an existing file. I think I’ll look into one of the suggestions here about having Word on the server to use it’s object.

I had not noticed it that the support cfdcument said only jdk Specifies whether to retrieve image files directly from the local drive: For a full list of deprecated features, refer to Deprecated features. Default unit for the pageHeight, pageWidthand margin attributes: That would surprise me, but I’ll admit that the whole localurl feature is not really well-documented.