Remembering the guru: Chattampi Swami’s walking stick, drum and mala on display next to his statue at his samadhi shrine in Panmana. Chattampi Swami () was the harbinger of renaissance and reformation in Kerala. His thoughts and work influenced the launching of many social. Sri Chattampi Swamikal (–) was a Hindu sage and social reformer. His thoughts and work influenced the launching of many social.

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He was the guiding star chattami those who fought to bring about spiritual renaissance and social resurgence in this country. Swamikal did not stay there for long, although the two maintained a lifelong contact, respect and regard for each other.

These were the formative years of Asan, who later became a social reformer.

The state of unity with the object of mediatation and the universal consciousness. The path of Yoga-union with God. He settled down at Panmana, a village 18km north of Kollam, enjoying the services rendered by his disciple Sree Kumpalathu Sanku Pillai, a young and spirited freedom fighter.

A Crusader for Social Reforms Despite the fact that Sannyasins sacrifice everything for attaining Self-realization, many of them live among the people to fulfill their obligation to society. When the feast was served on leaves a pack of stray dogs entered the hall, sat chattapi the leaves and had their meals in an uncharacteristically disciplined way.

Retrieved from ” https: Swamikal also worked for the emancipation of women and encouraged them to come to the forefront of society. As his parents were not able to provide him formal education, he learned letters and words from children of his neighbourhood who attended schools.


Hundreds of people used to visit him to have his darshan and seek his advice and blessings.

Neelakanta Theerthapada – Chattampi Swami Archive

Thousand petalled lotus or headchakra the meeting point of the individual consciousness. Such great souls see and experience Brahma Tattwa in a Brahmin, a cow, an elephant, a dog and the one who eats a dog, all alike without any distinction.

Servant of Lord Subramaniya. At the Samadhi Peedom a Sivalinga was installed as he sqami instructed. It was after this that he was known as Narayana Guru. He shared his food with ants, cats and dogs. Chartampi was equally good at painting. The path of self-realization through Cuattampi.

After completing his studies under Subba Jatapadikal he spent long periods of learning under saami Christian priest. Swamikal believed that the different religions are different paths leading to the same place. At the end of his wanderings and quest Kunjan Pillai was led to self-realisation by an avaduta whom he met at a wayside in Vadaveeswaram a village in Tamil Nadu with whom he lived for many months in the forests without any contact with the outside world.

Vedic Philosophy of Self-knowledge. He possessed extraordinary memory power. Chila Keraleeya Navodhana Pravanathakal.

Life and work of Sri Chattampi Swamikal

He established many ashrams and also Theerthapada System for the line of sanyasins following Swami’s teachings and methods.

Details about the Swami’s chattampk and the controversies that followed give us important insights into the 19 century cultural history. Swamikal is considered swamo foremost crusader who brought about incredible transformation in the religio-spiritual and socio-cultural atmosphere of Kerala. His parents were Vasudeva Sharma and Nangamma Pillai. Asan was three years younger than Swamikal and in search of spiritual guidance.


It refuted the baseless customs and rules that existed in Kerala.

He used to overhear the Sanskrit classes conducted for brahmin boys by a Sastrikal. Medieval yogic and ritualistic teachings. On his Shashtiabdapurthi 60th birthday inat a simple meeting presided over by Swami Dayananda, the title of Vidhadhiraja Theerthapada Paramabhattara was conferred on him by distinguished scholars. His gifted mind found no rest till his proficiency in Yoga measured up to ostensible results. This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat Perfection, attainment of oneness with the Lord.

Many of them were compelled to convert themselves into Christianity and Islam to escape the humiliation that the caste system meted out to them. His Yoga Siddhi had given him the power of prophecy. Sree Narayana Guruvinte Sampoorna Krithikal: The wisdom of Yoga. A mundu a garment worn around the waist in kerala an iron ring, and old umbrella, a walking stick and a Ganjira were his only possessions.

Kunjan acquired proficiency reading Qur’an in the traditional way. A yogic Mudra sign. Advaita Philosophy of Chattampi Swamikal. In Christumatha Chedanamhe criticises various tenets of Christianity which goes against the teachings of Christ.

He learnt different languages. He declared that Brahmins and non-Brahmins have equal right to learn the Veda.