By Tal Ben-Shahar. What kind of life do you want for yourself? What choices will create this kind of life? In his New York Times bestseller. Our time here is precious and finite. How do you want to live it — by pursuing your dreams regardless of the outcome — or tamping down your. Choose the Life You Want by Tal Ben-Shahar, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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But it is painfully slow when knowledge is to be applied to modify our own habits and desires. To ask other readers questions about Choose the Life You Wantplease sign up. But as I was thumbing through it before actually reading it, I caught a glimpse of what lay ahead- some common sense advice on living a fulfilling, better life, and some very poignant short stories to back up the professor’s reasoning.

The second person is tightfisted, stingy, and self-protective. Choose the Life You Want covers such choices, complete with real-life stories, to help you identify and act on opportunities large and small. I really enjoyed reading it throughout my year of Sign Up For Updates. Dec 18, Kate rated it really liked it.

Choose the Life You Want: The Way to Lasting Happiness Moment by Moment

Learn from failure is one leitmotif that I recognized from the Harvard lectures. Go on with your job, but if you do the same mistake again I will let you go. Bear in mind, though, that the world of commerce is a completely separate universe from the world of relationships.

Tal Ben-Shahar taught at Harvard, where his classes on Positive Psychology and The Psychology of Leadership were among the most popular courses in the University’s history. The “chapters” are short with various examples to illustrate ‘choosing’ – through the author’s life, promine I occasionally like to read books on psychology, to understand what makes humans tick and to live a more mindful life.

Amazing what a little encouragement will do. And though its nice to open the book randomly and read the concepts and insights, I think this book would really rock if it had an index to certain concepts so one could pin-point a sentiment that they’re struggling with at any moment or just an idea that they’d like to mediate on. Review quote “With his customary insight, Tal Ben-Shahar lays out the elements of a happier life in short, thought-provoking chapters that will inspire readers both to think more deeply about their lives–and to take action to turn those ideas into reality.


Aristotle research by Daniel Gilbert demonstrates that people who shop on an empty stomach will buy more than will people who shop when they are satiated. Join tens of thousands of people from around the world. Do we really, at our core, WANT to be miserable?

I tend to be leery and dismissive of self-help books, but the crazy title grabbed my attention while perusing GoodReads giveaways, and then I became intrigued by the substantial street creds of the author. So although I agree with many of the ideas and respect the author I think his other books are more worthy of a read and its hard to recommend this one.

He takes the most common tests and traps we face as human beings and enables us to look clearly at options to make us more alive, more mindful and happy.

Each “chapter” is just 2 or 3 pages long, and there’s not much text on each page. I think this book would be ta consumed over a long period of time, by reading one chapter a day or one per week.

Choose the Life You Want: The Way to Lasting Happiness Moment by Moment by Tal Ben-Shahar

Examples, stories and references cover an extremely wide spectrum. In the end, he leaves us with perhaps the simplest choice of all: This is the kind of book I would reread and refer to specific chapters when needed. Oct 19, Susy rated it it was ok. Somehow, holding a collective list of pieces of practical life advice that we all know yet rarely follow made me really and truly wonder— Why?

Book ratings by Goodreads. I did not even read lige all, which is pretty unusual for me Her parents taught her to hold her head high and when she began teaching the “unteachable” she transferred this confidence to her students with outstanding results.

Choose the Life You Want: The Mindful Way to Happiness by Tal Ben-Shahar | Authentic Happiness

Liked how the changes suggested are all things that we can do right now and in our own unique way. Every single moment is an opportunity to make a conscious choice for a happy and fulfilled life. Ask me in a year. Consider these two types of people: Do you tend to suppress your tears and fears OR give yourself permission to be human?


Think this book as a training plan for practical mindfulness. Her parents taught her to stand up straight and take pride in herself. Choose the Life You Want offers different choices you can make in life that can impact you more than you realize.

They are similar, but not duplicates. But I think overall it presents very accessible and simple ways to improve your life one small step at a time.

I have to say that I enjoy the anecdotes from others the most and find some of the studies interesting.

We assume that our thoughts and actions and feelings are inevitable, that we do not have a choice, when in fact we do. Our perspective dictates our reality.

Refresh and try again. This is then followed by a a short description and b an illustration in the form of an example or parable. I think this book would be better consumed Tal Ben-Shahar supplies the reader with a lot of food for thought in this snall compendium of choices to consider making in your life.

This book was written as an expanded list of practical, mind-set choices we can make to increase our happiness.

Choose the Life You Want

Ben-Shahar obtained his BA and PhD from Harvard, and for the last fifteen years has been teaching leadership, happiness, and mindfulness to audiences all over the world. Cant get enough of this book. The book looks at your life, and your outlook on your life and circumstances, as a choice of perspectives; whatever is causing you anxiety or distress at this current moment probably has a flip-side that would create a more positive feeling.

The Notes, et al, are brilliant. Instead, he proposes sahhar continuously mindful of the power we hold to choose our courses of action at every moment of our lives.

I can choose whether to sit up straight or stooped; whether to say a warm word to my partner or give her a sour look; whether to appreciate my health, my friend, and my lunch, or to take these for granted; whether to choose to choose or to remain oblivious to the choices that are there for the making.