It is understandable, at any rate, that Leopold was delighted with his new Kapellmeister Cimarosa’s Matrimonio segreto (his fifty-third stage work), for. One of the most successful comic operas of the late eighteenth century, Cimarosa’s Il Matrimonio Segreto is about following your heart and makes for a perfect. Premiered in (just months after the death of Mozart), Il Matrimonio Segreto won over Vienna from the start, and Domenico Cimarosa’s.

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A validation terminal is available in the entrance hall of the Opera House from when the doors opens.

Old Divinity School, University of Cambridge. Those with a love of classical era operas, or just a boundless appetite for rarities, can experience what Vienna fell for in The Drottningholm Court Theatre orchestra puts on a lively performance under Hilary Griffiths, although certain exposed instrumental moments indicate that this is not one of the top opera house ensembles.

Beyond Gilbert and Sullivan: The comedy was performed more than one hundred times in and no less than seventy performances took place in Vienna. Send a link to this article to a friend with an optional message. Search Shows Activities News Support us. Count Robinson has written a letter expressing interest – tempted by Elisetta’s substantial dowry – and Geronimo is thrilled to think that his daughter will be a Countess.

Composition Artist Credits Il Matrimonio segreto. When Cimarosa arrived in Vienna inhe immediately obtained the position of Kapellmeister chapel-master of musicpreviously coveted by Mozart.

In a Cologne Opera production came to the Schwetzinger Festival, and the performance was broadcast for television. Its premiere was the occasion of the longest encore in operatic history; Leopold II was so delighted that he ordered supper served to the company and the entire opera repeated immediately after. He also has a young secretary, Paolino, who is secretly married to the younger daughter, Carolina.


Il Matrimonio Segreto | Dutch National Opera & Ballet

Send to a friend Send a link to this article to a friend with an optional message. Suggestions Season Swap tickets Cookies. Matrimnio Asher Count Robinson. From SOMM recordings, specialists in British repertoire, comes this interesting new collection of other Elgar orchestral songs, sponsored by the Elgar Society. As in the previous production, talented youngsters are taking part this time as well.

Cimarosa’s only work still to be regularly performed, it is eegreto one of the greatest 18th century opera buffa apart from those by Mozart. We are in the household of Geronimo, a wealthy citizen of Bologna; he has two daughters, Elisetta and Carolina, and a sister Fidalma, who runs the household.

Comic opera Duration 2: Fiona Rigler Costume Supervisor. Its success was unfailing. Cimarrosa all-time greats Read about the artists who changed the world of classical music.

Nevertheless, Il Matrimonio Segreto has its fine moments, including a wildly lascivious first act for Fidalma about the pleasures of a husband, and a touching aria for Carolina in the last act when she thinks Paolino has betrayed her. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In short Il matrimonio segreto The secret marriage is an 18th-century Italian comic opera by Domenico Cimarosa.

After a brilliant and farcical finale Paolino and Carolina finally confess they have been married for two months; Geronimo and Fidalma are furious, but the Count and Elisetta advise them to forgive the newlyweds, ccimarosa that they themselves will marry after all. The Emperor, Leopold II, hardly renowned for his musical tastes, demanded an immediate encoreā€¦ of the entire opera!

The Corn Barn – Cullompton, Devon. Carolina is broken-hearted and tries to confess her predicament to the Count, but they are interrupted by her sister, her aunt and her father who are gleeful at having caught them together, and Geronimo sends Paolino off with a letter to the Mother Superior.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Mmatrimonio and Privacy Policy. This Harold en Italieop.

Cimarosa Il Matrimonio Segreto |

My enthusiasm for the now year-old recording by Barenboim remains undiminished, but this new issue has much to commend it. Nonetheless, some visual variety would have been much appreciated. In order to raise his status, the rich merchant Geronimo wants to marry off his two daughters Carolina and Elisetta to gentleman of the nobility.

When he offers to accept a smaller dowry with Carolina’s hand instead, Geronimo is delighted to save face and money – as long as Elisetta agrees. There is complete chaos, and the young married couple are forced to flee.

Cimarosa’s Il Matrimonio Segreto

Le Bal des Animaux: Aunt Fidalma complicates matters even further, as she has set her sights on marrying Paolino. The names of Belfast-born soprano Heather Harper and Kansas-born tenor James King may not resonate for younger music lovers, but they sure do for folks my age. However, they are caught and in the end they have to confess their secret marriage. Paolino is distraught, and throws himself on Fidalma’s mercy, but is stunned to find that she hopes to marry him; he faints, giving her the idea that she returns his emotion and making Carolina think she has been betrayed, but he promises that they will leave the house at dawn and take refuge in the house of a relative.

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