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Among the different types of genetic variations found in genomes, structural variants have remained the most difficult to identify and interpret. The availability of datasets in the public domain for a number of prokaryotic species Tatusova et al.

Impact of large chromosomal inversions on the adaptation and evolution of Pseudomonas aeruginosa chronically colonizing cystic fibrosis lungs. InDarling et al. They compared whole genomes of S. Technological advancements for detecting genomic SVs have facilitated our ability to investigate details of genome structure, patterns and extent of genome organization in various organisms Quail et al.

The duplicated regions may either lie adjacent to each other, referred to sfs tandem duplication Wang et al. Both balanced and unbalanced forms of variation have remained difficult to interpret with respect to their functional consequence.

1501-600 – Unknown

Apart from the above discussed tools and algorithms for SV detection, there are a number of other tools Supplementary Table S2 as well that can be explored in context of prokaryotic genomes and are worth mentioning svvs as Pindel Ye et al.

Though tools for mapping of paired-end information for SV calling are plenty, however, each may have their own limitations, advantages and overheads of usage.

The sequencing of a large number of prokaryotic genomes and sequence comparison of closely related species have unraveled a large repertoire of genomic variations Skovgaard et al.


As corcular in engineering bacterial genomes increases, the need for developing efficient tools for their successful manipulation also increases. The deciphering of the genomic variability in E.

Large inversions, which disturb the symmetry around the constrained chromosomal regions, i. PEMer Korbel et al. Detecting SVs accurately from real data can be challenged by limitations in experiment designs, few validated SVs and low resolution of breakpoints.


Detection of recombination events in bacterial genomes from large population samples. The understanding of gene arrangement, organization and positioning could extensively be used to engineer new genes and pathways and contribute to a set of rules for designing and engineering genomes. However, with the availability of long reads sequencing technologies with read lengths sometimes extending to tens of kilobases from single molecule sequencing approaches Quail et al.

For Permissions, please e-mail: Deletions and duplications can potentially lead to altered doses of otherwise functionally intact elements. Large rearrangements have been shown to be highly deleterious in prokaryotic genomes Vss, A number of studies have highlighted the molecular predispositions that enable SVs to occur.

A selected list of available software and resources for detecting and analyzing gene rearrangement and SVs is presented in Table 1 and a comprehensive list of same is provided in Supplementary Data.

Read depth refers to the number of reads mapping onto a particular part of the genome. Duplications are marked by the presence of two or more copies of a genomic region or a genomic segment Anderson and Roth, Also the availability of longer read lengths that could encompass repeat regions could also provide immense insights into SVs in prokaryotic genomes.

TEs can affect the expression of closely placed and nearby genes by either interrupting them or enhancing their expression Brown and Evans, We briefly describe the various 1051 of SVs, discuss their probable molecular mechanisms of formation, advances in the development of tools and techniques to detect SVs and also their phenotypic consequences in context of prokaryotic genomes.


Alteration in the gene pool of a genome is central to adaptive evolution. The third class of unbalanced SVs is the insertions.

Deletions entail loss of a genomic segment, and could be intragenic, wherein they result in inactivation of a gene or the loss of one or more functional domains or an altered gene function.

The present knowledge and repertoire of SVs in prokaryotic genomes is limited to a handful of examples. In this section, we would discuss some of the algorithms developed in the past 5 years. Coordinated phenotype switching with large-scale chromosome flip-flop inversion observed in bacteria.

High-throughput technologies have now made it possible to explore SVs at a much refined resolution in bacterial genomes. Comparative genome analysis of N eisseria meningitidis revealed that repeats are involved in three major inversion events Bentley et al.

It is an enhanced version of previous algorithms GeneOrder Mazumder et al. Genomic analysis of a key innovation in an experimental Escherichia coli population. These are copy-invariant SVs because there is no net gain or loss of genomic information.

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In Split reads, a single read maps to two different parts of the genome that lie far away from each other. Skovgaard introduced a novel way of using this technology by combining it with copy-number analysis of template DNA in fast-growing bacterial circualr of E.

Analysis of circular genome rearrangement by fusions, fissions and block-interchanges.