Download Libronix Tools for free. Libronix tools is a collection of conversion filters for to save in the native Libronix XML file. Is there a fairly simply way that I could convert modules from Libronix to E-Sword for my personal use? My goal is to make it more convenient by. I’ve been using e-Sword since , and I haven’t seen tools available for converting Logos (Libronix) resources to e-Sword. This isn’t saying.

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There is also a Topic Browser tool, designed specifically for searching topics within your reference modules.

There are many options settings. Contents can be quickly navigated using this tool. Convrrt Capture click to view: In addition, several modules are available that get deeper into the Greek and Hebrew languages, such as Diagrammatical Analysis.

Logos module within eSword?

LDLS has been built from the ground up and is very powerful. Also, you can specify which tool will be the default, such as which lexicon will open when a Greek or Hebrew word is looked up. All window sizes can be fully adjusted, and windows can be shrunk to icons if you need them temporarily out of the way without closing the resource.

For Strong’s numbers, the word definition for that number is displayed. Save this file, edit the verse contents, and build your own custom commentary using the Libronix Personal Book Builder. For example, the search function opens a new window on top of the others. You can click on a reference to view that verse in full context in the Bible View window, and you can also use the pop-up tooltips feature to view the verse.

A “Bible text only” view is also available, in which Chapter headings are not displayed. Unlike the PBB versions below, this version does not require the personal book builder key and operates as a full-fledged commentary within the Libronix digital library system.


When the system records a user’s country of residence it does so according to the ISO standard; price lists for resources are stored with ISO currency codes; anytime a date or time is recorded it is stored in Universal Time Coordinated in the ISO format. One of the featured improvements is “Enter Passage, Click Go!

All notes are listed in a Notes file, with a list of the note titles shown in the left window, and the content of a selected note in the right window.

The programmatic interfaces between code modules are the minimum required for speed and functionality. You are best off buying the largest package that you can afford at your initial purchase, assuming that you may want or need the other modules at a later date. When data needs to be protected for copyright management reasons it is still created, maintained, and stored in standard formats on the publisher’s behalf; only the consumer deliverable is placed in the special, secured file format A Parallel Bible Versions tool is provided that lets you view up to three Bible versions side by side.

The selected item will appear in a new window. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

If I do not miss my guess, this is the one credited blamed for the ‘be baptized or die’ mission libfonix of the early middle ages. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

LDLS offers up to three concurrent window synchronization links. You can add, delete, and sort verses as neded.

Libronix Digital Library System – Should I Remove It?

Suitable for compiling by persons who have purchased the Libronix Personal Book Builder to generate private books. Rather than clicking on a toggle such as whole word searchyou must use an operator such as nostemand place the search terms in parenthesis, as in nostem eat. You can search all resources, all open resources, or select an open module converrt searching.


If multiple books were searched, this column indicates if the word exists in that book or not. There is also a Passage in All Versions tool to provide a column view of a passage in as many versions of the Bible as desired. LDLS supports user workspaces. You can select to return Chapters or Sections, or Verses in the results list.

Bible Address Tagging Tool bibletag. Change e-Sword Tab Names?

Convert purchased Libronix Commentary to E-Sword – Module Creation Tools – Bible Support

Change e-Sword Tab Order? New modules can be opened by going to My Library, and selecting another module from the list. This shows where in the book the current view is at, such as “Genesis Chapter 1”.

Text can be selected and highlighted in one of 14 colors. HTML mode is enabled.

Libronix Digital Library System

While this is more difficult to get used librinix, especially for the novice user, it is also more powerful since you can combine operators in a single search. A locator pane can be toggled on or off at the top of each window.

Additional instructions on downloading and using the book are available HERE. You currently have javascript disabled.