In and Around the Corsair Obsidian D. I’ll cut right to the chase, this thing is enormous. It was shipped to me freight, on its own pallet of one. Before we get too much further into this review, I want to be absolutely clear about how the Obsidian D is being evaluated, because it’s a. Now, the company is one-upping itself with the Obsidian D. For instance, there weren’t any instructions on how to remove the top cover.

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Corsair OBSIDIAN 900D Quick Start Manual

I’m pretty sure I gained half an inch around each of my biceps, too. Riding high on their liquid cooling legacy with the popular Obsidian D, Corsair has developed a positively massive enclosure that’s designed essentially to hold the most powerful desktop machine you can conceive of while providing ample space to mount radiators and all the accoutrements of liquid cooling. Also, don’t search the accessory box for an ATX12V extension cable; it is already mounted at the rear of the motherboard plate.

Outside Corsair’s Obsidian D Page 4: Specifications And Features Page 3: Then you get a bag of screws for the motherboard, PSU and hard drives. Because the Obsidian D is more massive than a modern race car’s chassis, man-handling this enclosure as I installed and removed high-end hardware scored me some serious cardio.

I put the D through my familiar tilt test, though this time with the goal of straightening out the case, and I succeeded. Motherboard Installation And Cable Management.


But our efforts don’t end there. When you see the way Corsair designed it, you’ll be able to tell like I did that it’s destined for much more than a garden variety build. Building a custom loop is expensive and time consuming, which would make that type of enclosure the very definition of niche.

Corsair’s press materials highlight the fact that the case is designed for liquid cooling, but you’ve probably figured that out given how much I’ve repeated it. Just to give you some idea of the scale, this is the D’s box hanging out next to the unboxed BitFenix Shinobi XL I use for cooler testing. Temperatures And Acoustics Page The white specks you see in the pictures don’t come from paint imperfections, but rather a white powder that clings to the paint. Highly Priced and Highly Specialized.


Previous Page Next Page. Corsair only includes three cages with three trays apiece, but you can order two more directly from them to fill the whole thing out. The top fan mounts have a mm clearance from the roof of the case to the top of the motherboard and you can intrude on the top 5.

After all, more crossbeams would make the D even heavier. Again, though, Corsair promised us that retail boxes will include more comprehensive instructions.

Corsair Obsidian D Review: Making Room For High-End Gear

Corsair has done a good job of producing something dense enough that the fan mounts beneath it aren’t unsightly while allowing air to forsair through easily enough. The company claims that retail versions of the Obsidian will benefit from a change in packaging that should prevent similar issues.

The Latest On Tom’s Hardware. The sides of the D are a dual door affair. Scythe Kaze Master Pro Page 7: Fortunately, the cardboard box looks more massive than the enclosure inside really is.

LAN parties here I come. Corsair Obsidian D Case Review: That’s hardly what we expected to guide us through the features and manyal of a flagship enclosure. Understandably, Corsair is concerned that external stresses could lead to minor deformations of the oversize chassis. What that also means is that while I have corsar put it through our conventional testing, that conventional testing is going to be primarily academic.

As a whole, the package mznual quality and I don’t get the sense that Corsair ever really cheaped out. Shipping Box and Unpacking Truly, this case presents a physical challenge for everyone, including the delivery guy who I’m pretty sure hates me at this point.

The reason the manual is so short is that this is geared to enthusiasts, and Corsair assumes you have knowledge of what to do. If you’re a particularly tiny man like, for example, meknow cosair you’re getting into. It also shows that there are 12 cable ties that come with this chassis, and there are, but they were corszir in the bottom of the hardware box, and I missed it at the time of taking the photo.


The brushed aluminum is on the front fascia of the D, and it’s very thick and really demonstrates the best qualities of using aluminum for a chassis.

The hardware box is found inside of manusl lowest hot-swap bay, and above pictured is what it contained. You also get a three page manual to go with the chassis and the literature on the two year warranty that goes with the D.

Note that near the top mznual two wedges codsair either side; these are buttons that release the latches holding the side panels on, similar to the Obsidian D. Unfortunately it’s much harder to tell how good an enclosure will be at its job when that job will vary from person to person in much more significant ways than just choosing which air cooler and graphics cards to use. An Illuminating Case Mod. An Illuminating Case Mod Page And it’s absolutely huge.

Unfortunately in the front of the case, there’s a slight spacing coreair the topmost mm fan and the two bottom ones, so that essentially means you can only install a single mm radiator; there does appear to be space to install a single mm radiator and fan instead if you’re so inclined. For instance, there weren’t any instructions xorsair how to remove the top cover. In the event that rough shipping does affect the Obsidian’s integrity, you might find it difficult to close the lower doors.

Scythe Kaze Master Pro.