Brothers of the Snake is a novel by Dan Abnett composed of seven short stories featuring the Damocles Squad of the Iron Snakes Space Marine Chapter. Iron Snakes . in Know No Fear by Dan Abnett; the insignia of Damocles’ company, the 6th, is a white figure-eight serpent, similar to the Iron. Brothers of the Snake Type Novel Series Iron Snakes Author Dan Abnett Publisher The Black Library Binding Hardcover Released June 26 Pages

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Normally, Abnett achieves characterisation through action and dialogue, but the Space Marines that figure in this book never really become more than armoured caricatures, perpetually brave and martial.

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The Chapter’s homeworld is covered by vast oceans and water from the planet is considered sacred. His unwavering abnettt of honour and selflessness is very reminiscent of the Ultramarines.

ISBN softcover: Steel armour with gold chest eagle, white shoulder guards with red trim; company number is displayed on the left knee pad [3] [7]. The depiction of the Astartes, and the chapter itself.

Brothers of the Snake (Novel) | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

More than a few moments in the story suffer from narrative convenience to the point where a few break the suspension of disbelief. Space Marines generally don’t interest me much. Jun 30, El-jorro rated it really liked it. Although, because it can become a bit geaphic in some da, i’d recommend the book for anyone 13 and older.

The Iron Snakes are unique in their Tactical squads in the fact that all squads are attached with an Apothecary unlike other codex Astartes who are assigned one per company.

As usual, Dan Abnett does well in making not only intense battles scenes but also making characters that are developed well and you actually care about. Each squad-leader is expected to eventually nominate a successor from within his squad, who will be chosen to accompany him to officer-level briefings and take over command in the event of his death.

Though the jawbone was destroyed, Antoni did keep two of the teeth as a souvenir. His olfactory augmetics now broken, he senses something – the obscene scent of a Daemon. The Bad The ironic thing about Brothers of the Snake is that almost every one of its strengths is a double-edged blade, holding it back or limiting what you would normally expect of it in some way.


We couldn’t have had The Exorcist without Nosferatu making those first few steps, dsn all. Whereas the likes of the first Last Chancers book, for all its flaws, managed to string together a coherent narrative of multiple events and a final strong arc, the abneft cannot quite be said here.

Brothers of the Snake

Yet during the act the Daemon stays still long enough for the Iron Snakes to rip into and kill it with bolter fire. Favouring proportionate responses over a multitude of units at a time, we see everything from a single marine to the entire chapter responding to threats.

Throughout the galaxy, numerous Chapters defend the Imperium from all manner of threats and the Chapters themselves are as diverse as the worlds they protect.

Moreso than anything else, however, a great flaw lies in the book’s enemies of choice. While he tends to avoid Space Marines he has shown – most notably in Horus Rising – that he is capable of treating them as individuals and interesting characters without degrading the superhuman attributes which make them what they are. The culture of the Iron Snakes is obviously inspired by ancient Greece, but in a similar way brothfrs Vikings inspired the Space Wolves, it is too overdone in few places.

Not just because it’s a series of episodes, neatly marked off by the “undertakings” they are about, but because at some points, the characters are info-dumping stuff og we just read in the last episode, broyhers very neatly. The forgetting when fighting of a place they have photographic memory.

It also helps that, especially in this opening part, it’s used to create a further disconnect between the Iron Snakes and those they defend. Unable to deactivate the exotic devices, brotherd squad carefully carries them out of the city to a safe detonating distance.

My only criticism is that the bo This is a solid 40K marine story from Dan Abnett.

So much they are based on Greek History that the last story is based on the Battle of Thermopylae. From Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum. Inquisitor Mabuse finds Priad and reveals his suspicions of foul play in the old ruler’s death. However, through the guidance of Librarian Petrokthe Iron Snakes were able to discover that the Dark Eldar had lured the Orks into the Reef Stars by planting the suggestion that a relic sacred to the Orks was there.

Barely do Damocles conquer the overwhelming numbers.

You might have been expecting Lukas after we were done with The Magos. Training young aspirants and finding out that his squad has violated the rules. The Iron Snakes of Ithaka are a chapter of the fabled Space Marines, and while they, like all other Space Marines, are responsible for slaying the enemies of the Emperor of Mankind, they have taken a small sector of space kno While on the surface just another of Dan Abnett’s many, many entries into the Warhammer 40k universe, Brothers of the Snake is an excellent example of what a talented author like Abnett can do even within the confines of an existing setting when left to chart his own course.


But Chaos is not so easily undone and as the fissure’s insidious influence spreads it falls to the Iron Snakes of Ithaca to end a threat most foul. The Iron Snakes are a friendly bunch as far as Space Marines go, with the protagonist being quite patient with the many questions asked by the first planet’s bureaucrats.

A major one stems from their increased emphasis upon the use of infantry and deploying their units more as kill teams than full companies. While it’s not quite Training Day 40,it is somewhat along those lines and the story has less of an epic saga feel than most. As usual he does so in his own way.

Brothers of the Snake (Novel)

He is at his best when dealing with the monsters, ocean and culture of the Ocean world of the Iron Snakes. A big one in the third story surrounded how easily a group of glorified cultists could remove the snaake plating of a marine without any indication of sorcery or technical know-how.

abntt Some of tales feel like homage to the ancient Greek Hoplites – most likely Spartans, especially the first story – one Spartan for one conflict. Avnett way he bcomes a sergeant too quick. And having thus been introduced to him, we see the rest of his tale through his eyes.

Some stories they are fighting the dark Eldar, dealing in inter-chapter politics or fight orks. They are sworn to protect a particular region of space and are called upon to fight their way through various enemies, defending the human inhabitants.