Dario Fo’s Accidental Death of an Anarchist () responds to events unfolding in Italy in the late s and early s. Generally, it looks at police corruption. We tend to associate political theatre with the glum and the strident. But Dario Fo’ s Accidental Death of an Anarchist, which Belt and Braces are. Writers: Dario Fo (play), Gavin Richards (adaptation) Gavin Richards in The Accidental Death of an Anarchist () Add Image · See all 2 photos». Edit.

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Ed Emery translated an authorised English-language version of the play. That night God himself was a jester, awarding the risk-taking Dario Fo a dramatic and most unexpected prize.

Loading comments… Trouble loading? The Osservatore Vaticanthe Vatican newspaper, called Mistero buffo the most blasphemous show in history and accused Fo of ideological violence targeting the religious values of Italians but aiming really at the disintegration of the Italian state quoted in Avvenire.

In the following essay, Maceri explores the reasons why Fo won the Nobel Prizeand analyzes themes in Accidental Death of an Anarchist and Mistero buffo.

The Maniac leaves the room, as does the inspector, for the latter is late to a meeting. That is, the Maniac changes from one persona to another throughout the play. He is a reflection, in other words, anqrchist the distortion of facts for which the policemen involved in the actual case became known.

Political playwrights employ self-reflexive strategies because they are against real-world political illusion. That is, any time a work of art calls attention to itself as a work of art —reflects on itself as artifice—a self-reflexive moment occurs.

A further level of difficulty is added by the nature of Fo’s scripts. When Pissani surmises that the anarchist was wearing a galoshthe Superintendent breaks into a rage, making Pissani accidentally reveal that the Superintendent pushed the anarchist out of the window.

Early Modern and Renaissance Plays: He has with him a copy of the bomb that was set off in the bank in question. Although the play is therefore never totally “finished,” the working texts of Mistero buffo and Morte accidentale di un anarchico contain the fundamental elements of Fo’s opus, and particularly his concern for the poor and their struggle against the political establishment, elements which to a certain extent reflect the author’s working-class roots his mother was a peasant, his father a railway worker.


According to police statements, he had thrown himself from a window while being interrogated. Inafter considerable success in commercial theater, he began looking for this audience. Its next act, entirely unscripted, is a fast unto death proposed by Adriano Accidemtal. In its first two years of production in Italy, Dario Fo’s notorious Accidental Death of an Anarchist was seen by over half a million people.

Retrieved 26 November Deathh the eighth program, his sketches were censored, and soon he was fired for refusing to obey the censors and banished from Italian national television for fourteen years.

Dario Fo’s Accidental Death of an Anarchist – a heady blend of vaudeville and politics

Fo himself makes a distinction between “theatre” and “dramatic literature. One critic called awarding the prize to Fo a slap in the face to all that Italian literature has accomplished in the second half of the century. It is reath that the Academicians wanted to give the prize to Italy but that, since the foo two Italian winners had been poets, they felt it needed to go a different route. He wants to stay, he says, to help them manage the Journalist’s questions. The reaction in Italy, from the world of “traditional” literature, was predictable.

He was furious, and it was then that he uttered his famous phrase: Webarchive template wayback links Og dmy dates from December Vo needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references.

With each staging, Fo created a new and original work. It is very easy to see through the Maniac’s and the police officers’ farce, but such lighter aspects of the play help balance the serious and tragic tones. Several people tried to explain to him the differences between British and Italian traditions of comic writing and performance, attempting to placate him—for he needed placating—by talking of the vibrancy of a music hall tradition which had provided the inspiration of the British production.

Of the three upper-echelon police characters appearing in Accidental Death of an AnarchistInspector Bertozzo spends the least amount of time on stage. He has the policemen involved tied up in knots by his actions.

Even the recent Zen and the Art of Screwing conforms to this rule. Works by Dario Fo. They forestall any revelation on the part of Bertozzo, as they believe that he is going to reveal the Maniac to be a judge, which would be disastrous, given that they have told the journalist that he is a forensics expert.


Fo has always been an actor in his own work; indeed, he is as well known an actor as he is a writer. Obviously we see the play at one remove in that the Pinelli case is something we have to bone up on with the help of an informative programme. Looking like Tommy Cooper on speed, he is forever diving into his Gucci carrier-bag and coming up with a new identity. For the Drunkard, wine solves everything and would have even prevented the fall of mankind.

Accidental Death of an Anarchist – Wikipedia

This is not to say that extremist leftist groups did not set off any bombs; they did. An adaptation, on the other hand, is free of the restraints of fidelity, however it is dwath. For Fo, a theatrical text is like a musical score, with its rhythms, silences, and pauses.

Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11; Chrome latest version, as it auto updates ; Firefox latest version, as it auto updates ; and Safari latest version, as it auto updates. It is another police inspector, calling from the fourth floor. Accidental Death of an Anarchist is mainly about police corruption, underscored by the play’s accjdental on impersonation, infiltration, dsrio double-talk. Check out IMDb’s Streaming Guide to see what’s new on Netflix, find out if aanrchist favorite streaming show has been renewed or canceled, and more.

Like the other police officers, Bertozzo is wary of the journalist’s questions, yet they, more so than he, are targets of her questioning. Use the HTML below. The translator, the exegetist, the reader is faithful to his text, makes his response responsible, only when he endeavours to restore the balance of forces, of integral presence, which his appropriative comprehension has disrupted.

Still, as a farcical figure, he attests to Fo’s belief that political theater with a serious intent need not be dry.