Specifications. Dell™ Latitude™ D/Dc User’s Guide NOTE: Your Dell™ Latitude™ D computer has both integrated and discrete video options. Trademarks used in this text: Dell, the DELL logo, Latitude, ExpressCharge, For instructions, see the following section that corresponds to the operating. With a LCD screen and a 9 cell battery, this laptop is meant to be more mobile. Dell Latitude D troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals.

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Lift the motherboard out of the laptop base. Step 5 Unscrew the 2 2. Page 85 see “Hard drive problems” on page 80and boot the computer from media.

Dell Latitude D630 User Manual

You can damage an external monitor by using an unsupported refresh rate. If the problem persists, try another drive. Contact Dell see “Obtaining Assistance” on page Dell’s Express Service Code system may not be available in all countries.

Finding Information Documentation and drivers are already installed on your computer. Unscrew the 2 2.

Dell Latitude D LCD Display Back Cover Assembly Removal and Installation

Do not attempt to eject a card by pulling its cable, if one is attached. If the preceding steps have not resolved the problem, see “Contacting Dell” on page The Service Tag for your computer is located at the top of each test screen. Each key on the keypad has multiple functions.


It is recommended that you print these procedures before you begin. August 22, About Smart Cards About Smart Cards Smart cards are portable credit-card shaped devices with internal integrated circuits.

Unplug the keyboard cable by lifting the blue ribbon straight up. Unplug the palm rest. Before you clean your computer, disconnect the computer from the electrical outlet and remove katitude installed batteries.

The keycaps on the keyboard are fragile, easily dislodged, and time-consuming to replace.


Step 10 Unplug and remove the LCD cable from the maunal routing. August 19, 2: Send In Your Dell Laptop. Using an incompatible battery may increase the risk of fire or explosion. Disconnect the WWAN antenna cables. Please take the time read the following safety guidelines when working on static sensitive electrical components. Click the icon in the taskbar to select a card and stop it from functioning before you remove it from the computer. If you forget the primary password and do not have an administrator password assigned, or if you have both a primary and an administrator password assigned but forget them both, contact your system administrator or contact Dell see “Obtaining Assistance” on page Damage due to servicing that is not authorized by Dell is not covered by your warranty.


If you feel resistance, check the connectors and realign the card. Call Dell Support from cell telephone delll or at the computer so that the support staff can assist you with any necessary procedures.

Lift the LCD display assembly away from the laptop base. To avoid electrostatic discharge, ground yourself by using a wrist grounding strap or by periodically touching an unpainted metal surface such as a connector on the back of the computer. Shop for Parts Dell Latitude Parts.

PC Cards are generally marked with a symbol such as a triangle or an arrow to indicate which end to insert into the slot.