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Use the enclosed cable to connect the telephone jack with the telephone terminal connection of your netwk operat.

Press and hold in standby mode: Switching to handsfree speaking during a call: You can then select: Note New messages are displayed on the base station per MSN.

Relev 1 – Summary screen. User guide Edition 4 26 March 97 Response telephone and answering machine Bedienungsanlfitung guide At a glance Directory label For making a note of numbers stored in the memories. The maximum range between the base station and handset is approximately 50 meters indoors and meters outdoors. Callers cannot leave a message.

Call forwarding Call forwarding allows callers to reach you even if you are not near your own telephone.

Detewe message 400 bedienungsanleitung pdf freeware

Write and send your SMS message. After a reset, the installation assistant re-appears. You can also adjust the loudspeaker volume in standby mode. Adding additional call number e. Fully charged but inactive batteries take approx.

The park code is used to clearly identify the parked connection, and must be entered when unparking. November 17, 7: Pressing the mute key a second mrssage switches the microphone back on. Assign the entry to the relevant user and save.


If, however, you have allowed remote access, you can perfm all functions specified in the following chapter “Remote control” on a remote basis. The basic functions making and receiving calls are always possible with these combinations. Start display at page:. Familiarise yourself with your telephone Important notes What you should definitely read — Your.

Eurit / Cordless ISDN telephone DECT. User Manual – PDF

The national network of libraries of medicine fulltextbooks,journals,andarticlesatthequestiaonlinelibrary. The measured values are plotted automatically to the pdf file.

Recding quality – High quality 8 min. Im Auslieferungszustand ist ,0 0 0″ eingestellt. How to integrate my topics’ content to my website? Program your MSN and the assigned user name and activate or deactivate the function Call waiting. The mislaid handset rings. To open downloaded files you need acrobat reader or similar pdf reader program.

Personalizing your phone 15 Choose ring signal, theme. Handset secrecy During a call you can talk to someone else in the room without the caller hearing. If the transferred call is not accepted, it is again announced at your handset. To this end presupposing compatibilityyour handset must be enrolled with both base stations see page Press and hold down to switch keylock on.

The following is a summary of the twelve chapters that you will be. The charging cycle must be completed befe the battery display is activated.


Detewe message 400 bedienungsanleitung pdf files

Do not open either the base station, the handset n the charging unit accessyas this could expose you to high voltages. Ste the user instructions in a safe place f future reference. Enter code as per table. PDF Click to preview. Furtherme, call numbers programming infmation are displayed in the second line.

Bedienuhgsanleitung If the directory is empty, a message to this effect is displayed. S-V 3 of 3 Summary of Source Deductions and Employer Contributionson your T4 slips and Relev 1 forms, set up your payroll with a separate account emssage each transaction type.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

View and download hama ews operating instructions manual online. During playback press SAVE. The recording is automatically terminated.

Confirmation beep Settings and entries are confirmed by a short beep. Note Your telephone will not function if the mains connector is not plugged in or during a power failure.

Note A reset deletes all preferences and lists except the directory, your personal outgoing messages, and the messages on your answering machine.

Dial your number and let it ring 12 times. Press SAVE to confirm. If the range is exceeded, the call will be disconnected unless you move back into range within five seconds. Heat and cold decrease the efficiency and service life of the batteries.