Annamayya Keerthana – Deva Devam Bhaje Lyrics in Telugu: దేవ దేవం భజే దివ్యప్రభావమ్ | రావణాసురవైరి రణపుంగవమ్ ||. రాజవరశేఖరం. Deva Devam Bhaje Song Lyrics(Atharintiki Daaredi): Deva Devam Bhaje Divya Prabhavam Ravanasura Vairi Ranapungavam. Deva Devam Bhaje Annamacharya Krithi lyrics. Deva devam bhaje divya prabhavam. ravanasura vairi rana pungavam. Raja vara sekharam.

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He majestically reclines on Adi Sesha. Available on the Appstore. This is a quite popular song with MS Subbulakshmi singing it.

Deva Devam Bhaje Ms Subbulakshmi With Lyrics Mp3 songs – Leslie Da Bass

It is not costly but its fruits are many. Most Wanted Song Lyrics. We use cookies for marketing and to give you the best experience. Rama has the divine influence. I did not find the meaning of tala hinaga while careful study lead to kala hinaga as Yama. Smule Are you still there? Sing and be part of the Smule community! More from this album He is the most eminent king.

Redirecting you to Account Kit phone number login. Please try again later. Kirraku Kirraku Song Lyrics. Bahje Anand, Thank you for your comment. You are Lord Vishnu with thousand names. His eyes resemle a lotus.

Oh Venkatesa,she is the most fascinating woman. Devadevam bhaje divya prabhavam Ravanasura vairi rana pungavam ramam Devadevam bhaje divya prabhavam Vela sumagandhamula gaali alala Kalala chirunavvulatho kadhilinadu Raala hrudayala thadimeti thadila Karuna gala varunudai kariginadu Athanoka aakasham Antherugani soonyam Aaviri meghale aathani sontham Aaramarikala vairam Kalchedi angaram Velugula vaibhogam aathani nayanam Praana runa bandhamula Tharuvunu pudamiga niluputa thana gunam Devadevam bhaje divya prabhavam Ravanasura vairi rana ddva ramam Devadevam bhaje divya prabhavam Climax Scene Lyrics!


As for the third line, I found it very difficult to get the meaning correct with the words “Raajari kodanda raja lyriics gurum” that Annamayya has used. But the question here is of Kodanda Subbulakshmi, Radha Viswanathan Vocal Support”,”music”: You are the supreme God and your consort is supreme Goddess.

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There is one reference[4] to Rama as the defeater of Yama for his devotees. Oh Madhava, I am your servant. Not sure of this interpretation.

My disciplined deav enabled me to sing. He is the moon of the Sun dynasty. Let me give it a though and research further before I answer your next question. After all the flowers are your creation only.

But going by Telugu prosody which is so peculiar and unique to Annamayya’s writing it has to be “tala hinaka”. Instructions to verify your account have been sent. Nitya santoshini’s rendition of the song can be found by clicking here. Instructions to verify your account have been sent Done. Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.


We will send a password reset email to your email address. An Error has Occurred An unknown error has occurred. Bapu gari bomma Lyrics.

Saturday, July 18, Deva devam bhaje. It is beyond my capacity to praise you both.

Regarding ” Rajari kodanda Rajadeeksha gurum”, this could be one interpretation. You are now logged in. Kanula anchunoka neeti merupu Kalalu kalaganna nijamaina gelupu Pedhavi thudhinanchunoka theepi pilupu Lrics yedabatukadhi melimalupu Bhalluna thelllare thala thala thorupula Velugulu kurisindhi ee aanadam Ruthuvulu gadi daate cheragani chaitramuna Navvulu poosindhi ee aanandam Jeevanadhi maadhuriga mamathalu chilikenu Manasanu madhuvanam Devadevam bhaje divya prabhavam Ravanasura vairi rana pungavam ramam Devadevam bhaje divya prabhavam.

MS SubbuLakshmi sings this keerthana with an uncanny sweetness and divinity.

For details and controls, see our Cookie Policy. He lifted decam invincible bow of Janaka which was obtained from Siva. When Parasuram comes to know that his bow was broken by a prince Rama, he goes to battle with Rama.

Annamayya Keerthana Deva Devam Bhaje in Telugu And English With Meaning

Your heart is the birth place of Manmatha. About This Song Singers M. Srividya June 28, at 8: You remained on my tongue and inspired me to sing your praise.