We present a case of Meckel diverticulitis in a boy of 7 years old, diagnosed by ultrasound and documented by surgery. We review the literature about the. Diagnóstico endoscópico de una invaginación por divertículo de Meckel. Article in Gastroenterology 34(9) · November with 3 Reads. El divertículo de Meckel se ha de considerar en el diagnóstico diferencial del dolor abdominal y la hemorragia digestiva baja, especialmente en la infancia.

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Rev Esp Enferm Dig ; Due to diverticulum’s symptoms arise usually in complication’s development, carriers usually remained asymptomatic throughout their lives. J Indian Med Diverticculo. The larger sample relate diverticula complications, in that the preoperative identification of this anomaly is infrequent bowel.

The pathologic report described transmural ischemia and hemorrhage of the intestinal mucosa, which was unable to determine the presence of ectopic tissue.

Dig Dis Sci ; Therefore, the preoperative diagnosis is difficult and exceptional, since it is a rare condition that can mimic other causes of acute abdomen and presents nonspecifically in most imaging studies. Treatment of a Meckel diverticulum complicated should always be aimed at the surgical resection of the diverticulum.

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Complete blood count revealed leukocytosis important, not found electrolyte disturbances and serum amylase was within normal parameters. In children, gastrointestinal bleeding is the most frequent clinical presentation [4], mainly due to the presence of heterotopic acid-secreting gastric mucosa in the diverticulum, although pancreatic, jejunal, divsrticulo endometrial mucosa can also be found in the diverticulum [5].


A year-old male with diabetes, dyslipidemia, and overweight presented to the Emergency Department due to abdominal distension, vomitus, and epigastric pain which had started 16 h before.

A small bowel segmental resection was performed, containing the diverticulum. J Gastrointest Liver Dis ; Intestinal diverticylo, Meckel diverticulum, and other remnants of the omphalomesenteric duct; in Behrman R, ed: Early diagnosis and surgical treatment lead to the successful outcome. Otoch 2Fernanda Kreve 1Francisco S. Histological examination of the surgical specimen: Surgical management of Meckel’s diverticulum.

Spanish Health Illustrated Encyclopedia – Divertículo de Meckel – Serie

On physical examination was in regular general condition, dehydration, tachycardia and suffering facies. It is believed to be the enterectomy segment with end-to-end reconstruction the most diagnosttico conduct to ensure the complete removal of the diverticulum and ectopic mucosa at the base of the segment ileal An epidemiologic, population-based study.

Pediatric Surgery, ed 7. The procedures followed comply with the ethical standards of the human experimentation committee responsible and are in accordance with the World Medical Association and the Declaration of Helsinki.

Oclusão Intestinal por Divertículo de Meckel Gigante

We report the case of a year-old male who presented to the emergency department with epigastric pain, vomiting, and abdominal distension. Higuera-de la Tijerab y E. Meckel diverticulum with massive bleeding. Loss 1Everson L. It results from incomplete involution of the most proximal portion of the omphalomesenteric duct during the week of fetal development 3. Preliminary exploration showed abdominal distension painfull in upper quadrants, which was severe and associated to tenderness in epigastric region.

Perforation is a rare complication may be caused by diverticulitis, trauma, ulceration, tumor or strange body 8. Rev Col Bras Cir. Meckel’s diverticulum with diffuse inflammatory reaction and local drilling without ectopic mucosa findings. Journal of Medical Case Reports ;5: He had history of epilepsy and mental deficit.


Drilling can be caused by diverticulitis, trauma, ulceration, tumor or foreign body and generates a diffuse peritonitis considerable morbidity and mortality. Small bowel obstruction; in Ferri F ed: The adjacent mesentery vessels were twisted Fig. The optimal surgical approach is on debate. Surgical exploration revealed an axially torsioned gangrenous Meckel’s diverticulum MD.

The abdomen had no palpable hernias, was distended with diffuse pain on palpation, and had no signs of peritonitis. It was held segmentary enterectomy encompassing the area of the diverticulum and terminoterminal primary enteroanastomosis in two planes. Due to contamination of the wound and a psychomotor agitation framework presented by the patient, it was necessary new surgical approach on the fourth day due a partial dehiscence aponeurotic.

The manifestation of signs and symptoms of the diverticulum is dependent on complications 5. Rectal exam was normal and abdominal sounds were increased with metallic tones. Intravenous fluids were administered and a nasogastric tube was inserted with immediate drainage of stasis liquid.

Philadelphia, Elsevier,p Initially, a fecaloid mass obstructs the diverticulum leading to inflammation, necrosis and eventual perforation. There was a worsening of pain intensity despite prescribed analgesia. In the other one third, surgical therapy is mandatory [11].