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e No part of this standard may be reproduced without the prior permission of DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V., Berlin. In case of doubt, the. Buy DIN POLYETHYLEN COATINGS OF STEEL PIPES AND FITTINGS – REQUIREMENTS AND TESTINGS from SAI Global. DIN () Polyethylene coatings on steel pipes and fittings – Requirements and testing. Be notified when this Standard is updated or amended – Add.

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Minimum layer thicknesses are given in Table 3 below. During transportation, measures shall be taken to prevent damage to the steel pipes and fittings or to the coating. Adhesive made of modified co-polymer of 30607 quality is melted with factory PE main coat. The same applies to the relevant extrusion line parameters. The polyethylene coating shall be checked for defects holidays as in Annex E using spark dkn equipment. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document including any amendments applies.

For single-layer sintered polyethylene coatings, it is difficult to achieve the required peel strength without suitable surface preparation, and so the cathodic disbondment test is not required for single-layer sintered polyethylene coatings.

The loss of adhesion is recognizable as a vin circular area and is to be determined as follows. In each case three measurements shall be taken.

DIN coated steel pipe with Polyethylene coatings

Forced curing method Approved Canusa method of forced curing of epoxy base coat on steel allows preliminary check of joint before sleeve application. The adhesive has been formulated to bond directly to the main coating; epoxy is applied to the steel only.

GTS-PE is developed as per unique technology of adhesion directly to main PE coating that provides characteristics not worse than the main coating. Home About Us We are trusted. In case of doubt, the German-language original shall be considered authoritative.


Rin long is your delivery time9 A: Usage For drinking water etc. This dij relates to the raw materials and can differ from the values for the applied coating. The present edition of DIN not only covers fields of application that are not dealt with in DIN EN ISO and DIN ENit also takes into consideration the current state of the art, not only as regards the tests and test frequencies specified here for the first time, but also as regards various product requirements.

This standard specifies the coating requirements for seamless steel tubes and fittings for pipeline 306670 for longitudinal or DSAW pipes or for transporting liquids or gases.

The final evaluation shall be carried out after the ageing time specified above for each type don coating. Drill a 306770 mm hole through the coating down to the steel substrate. The coating shall be of a uniform colour, have a smooth appearance and be free of holidays and other defects detrimental to the quality of the coating.

Depending on the nominal size, there are different minimum values for the normal total coating thickness n. The test pieces shall be subjected to high-voltage continuity testing prior to this test. For three-layer coatings, the epoxy resin and adhesive layers at the pipe ends shall be removed to at least 80 mm from the welding bevel. The specific electrical coating resistance ru 330670 be calculated from the following equation: Using a suitable sealant, form a seal between the electroyte cell and the polyethylene coating.

A check of the effectiveness of stabilizing agents by controlling the MRF before and after extrusion has now been specified. Supplier Types Trade Assurance.

Heat-shrinkable sleeve “CANUSA GTS-PE 3L”

After abrasive cleaning the quality of the pipe surface shall be visually checked. Determination of gel time of thermosetting coating powders at a given temperature DIN EN ISOPreparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products sin Visual assessment of surface cleanliness — Part 1: The gap between the container and pipe shall be closed with a suitable sealant.


Geosynthetics Composite materials Insulation materials Engineering. Other test sequences can be agreed.

A differentiation is made between production control and system testing. S I ru U S I is the specific electrical coating resistance in?

Today, findings confirm that the testing of new materials exposed to wetting agents at high temperatures does not have any significance as regards ageing-related stress cracking behaviour. Thus, you can be sure that the pipe is completely protected. A0 L0 L1 The arithmetic mean of five results shall be determined. Extensive investigations and practical experience have shown that, regardless of the manufacturing method, disbondment of damaged polyethylene coatings can occur depending on the salinity of the soil water and the extent of cathodic polarization.

We will attach some relevant photos via email so show our factory, machine and products for you. We have no amendments or corrections for this standard. Pipeline for Sour Servic Read more. High performance GTS-PE system is developed so that its operating characteristics are not worse than the characteristics of 3-layer base coating. Elongation is measured between two gauge marks within the test area.

PSL 2 WT 3. Generally it is with7 days if the goods are in stock. The definition of anticorrosive steel pipe.

Production control is assured by the coater. The test piece shall be conditioned, depending on the required test temperature. Information as to whether specimens were compression-moulded, sintered or extruded is also required.

A noticeable air gap will distort the result.