Pyrapoint [Don E. Hall] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I SUBMIT TO YOU THAT THE PYRAPOINT SYSTEM IS THE PRINCIPLE WHICH. Pyrapoint Book6-final — GANN (PYRAPOINT DON E. HALL Published by Halliker’s, r). Is anyone using the “Pyrapoint System” developed by Don E. Hall? Looking for opinions and experiences, is it just one in another of a long line.

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Neither would we be comfortable in presenting ourselves as the ultimate egocentric, whoafter 37 years, has suddenly awakened in the dead of night with a philanthropic dream ofbecoming famous after this long time. Bought your book and going thru it now.

Other lines which can work are sometimes coincidentally correct — BUT show us how youcan trade other trend lines each time with accuracy! It is hands down the pyrrapoint complete and fastest o.

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He was especially known for his commodity trading which was considered tougher thanstocks because of the leverage. One last passing observation: There are other features that would benefit a majority of SC users that we are waiting for. Come follow us with current Pyrapoint chart examples with our new partner at: Used to set the angle for which each of the crossed lines are to be plotted. We now get a top line of this first degree square, which will compute as Let the market prove it is bottom.

You have completed square of 11,and also the square of 12 within this cycle. Meantime we offer our mailing list that covers most questions—also FREE. After you have made a series of successful trades, put somemoney into a surplus account to be used only in emergency or in times of panic.


Simply a point of reference for our learning and clarification. This brings us to an interesting and vital point in our analogy. Trade only in active markets. As price travels up or down from a picked significant point, you will staylong oyrapoint short so long as price does not purapoint the calculated degree line per a close.

Therefore, we shall be most concerned with the above. Thus it was, we are told, that Pythagoras took. This same calculation works for each of the numbers involved.

No one will expound for long on the simplicity of the challenge; and again, no one denies that itis a mammoth challenge. If you break the bottomsquare in a down-move, realize that you are in the bullish side of the square directly below you.

Don We hope to see you! They involve the use of the proper multiples of each unit which are evolved in thismanner: Heard that one before? Gordon,we are inprocess of expansion to include MB Trading into our programming.

Moving the slider to the left will increase the transparency of the tool. In other words, usea square size, which will reflect the manner in which the unit is trading. Truly, for many reasons including available money it is notfor everyone.

Reduce trading after first loss; never increase. However, if you can qualify as one who pyapoint fit this category of qualities as atrader of some degree, then it is our sincere belief that we can show, and indeed educate, you tothe all-important item 1 as referred above. Each time you apply a new Pyrapoint to a chart, the tool will display using the new settings.

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Gann has beenquoted as saying that one must compute time, based upon price. The indicators most often used forconfirmation are our own application of the make-up numbers of Relative Strength Index,Stochastic, and the standard make-up of Accumulated Swing Index. We find commodity trading especially challenging because of the leverage, which is representedin a contract of futures.


Every number on the P. We also ask that you study the example charts 4presented prior to the actual presentation of Pyrapoint, as the necessary background for thestudy, which we shall present. Please try to understand why you are exposed to each of the segments. One would undoubtedly befoolish to ignore all fundamentals. Apologies for the delay. This is based on Gann Theory?? In passing, let us say that we have relayedto you only the things which relate to the markets, and which we have had the privilege ofobservations and determination.

It was then that I began dissecting his seminars and assimilating certain segments ofdifferent seminars. We are within one-quarter of acent from being exactly one-half of this difference, or 90 degrees. Itmakes a rectangle into a square as it identifies the parameters of influence. It is only presented to let you see a point. This is one of the worst mistakes a trader can make.

Thus, the rules, which we submitfor this square, will be universally acceptable for any commodity or stock, which you will betrading.

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This is the plight of Pyrapoint: Granted, there are more than a few concepts offered today. Now we have a means of answering the question for any numberrepresenting a top yall bottom as to how far we are from the next 45 degrees, 90degrees, etc.

We believe that this is wherethe true worth of any system is weighed. Hi thanks for your chart ,i don’t know it is it related to gann grid study?