Section 1: Using this manual. Section 2: Features. RD Receiver. Battery Charging. DSX9 Transmitter Features (Front). DSX9 Transmitter Features (Rear). Has any one got or know where to find a printable JR Propo Instruction Manual for the DSX9? I have downloaded the PDF file from the. Filename: jr dsx9 manual. Date: 12/10/ Type of compression: zip. Total downloads: Nick: tempplen. File checked: Kaspersky.

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I find it very easy to use having had a JR and a DX7 effectively the same transmitters. Remember that Horizon own Spektrum and can very easily afford to run the offer as a loss leader think of Tesco Dzx9 sites are fully functional from my end. Originally Posted by jdr43 Thank you, I sent Jaro a pm asking the question. Some other alarms available which are awesome; Stick position; I.

Please feel free to make any comments or ask any questions here. The AR is a different maunal. Somebody cocked up big style and labelled a large batch mannual DSX9’s with the CE label before it had even gone to the Test House for testing! I converted my older out of warranty XP but don’t fly that one much.

I have an old very dsx 9 and it’s modular current ones are not I believemy 11xzero is modular. Mike Smart Registered User. Last edited by Daedalus66; Apr 11, at Originally Posted by jdr43 I dsxx9 like to purchase the timer for a dx6i.

Now it only works if you hold the trainer switch while turning on.

Spectrum DX8 or JR DSX9 | Model Flying

Jaro had been thinking ahead and had already done that. Several pilots have requested programming information for full functioning sailplanes and while the DX8 does not have sailplane specific programming, by utilizing the eight available programmable mixes in Airplane mode, the Manyal can be programmed to accommodate most sailplane functions.


May 10, I don’t think i will be going along the ” 4 servo wing gliders in the future” so not going to invest in a DSX That’s fair to say you can check the battery before flying and it’s safety, simple manyal quick. Pity about the offers as I would have gone straight to the JR set.

Gtronics – Electronics for hobbyists – DSX9-PCM9XII

I’ve now been using the module on my DX7 for a couple of weeks and now wouldn’t be without it. Originally Posted by jdr43 Would it be possible to use the throttle cut switch instead of the trainer switch? As a gadget freak the programming on both sets is something I can grasp easily.

I have the 2 available timers on. Sign up now to remove ads between posts. The attachment point shown in the instruction manual manhal at the top of the loop the blue wire makes. I think this can only expand to more and more models. Sorry I should have said Dennis www. No more crashes due to batteries low voltage! Building the flying surfaces.

Power levels are only a small part of the requirement the power limits are established in ENplus there is the Low Voltage Directive which is encompassed in the EN testing. Sign up now to remove ads between posts.

Index of /manuals/Radios/JR

By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Spektrum DX7 – automatic timer switching by throttle stick.

I used to say “no big deal” to people who compained that JR lack the capability to start the timer with the throttle stick, but now I’ve tried it I see the point. As the supplement wasn’t written by JR not sure who they would have taken the electronic file and passed it ,anual to their printers. If you need a definitive answer, though, you should ask Jaro. Flaps now, on the DX8 different from the DX7 you can programme the speed that you want the to move When using two batteries the total available capacity equals the sum total of both batteries i.


Spectrum DX8 or JR DSX9

What are mamual trying to accomplish by wanting to connect it elsewhere? There’s a jumper on the module. Originally Posted by Daedalus66 I used to say “no big deal” to people who compained that JR lack the capability to start the timer with the throttle stick, but now I’ve tried it I see the point.

The servo slow function is great for slowing the gear retraction speed on my Alfa Spitfire where they just slammed up and down before! Which part of building a new traditional balsa aeroplane do you enjoy the most?

This was done in answer to some customer requests. Apr 10, The rotary selector is a definite improvement over the DX7’s rocker switches. Dzx9 have returned to the hobby after a long break and can see the technology as well as the models have moved on over the past 20 years.

However it doesn’t yet have masses of glider functionality except see my next postand the telemetry doesn’t yet tell me the mAh used from my leccy flight batteries. PS, I see that the system cutoff parts of what I wrote as a description for some of the attached pictures. So is the JR out of date?

I have a question on this modification. I have downloaded both manuals and can see the Spektrum is more intuitive and and appears more user friendly and of course has telemetry? I still prefer spektrum.