Ann Anat. Jul; doi: / Epub Apr 3. Medical Students’ Assessment of Eduard Pernkopf’s Atlas: Topographical. The following biography is mainly based on the article “The History of Eduard Pernkopf’s Topographische Anatomie des Menschen” (see bibliography) by David. A University of Vienna investigation determined in that Eduard Pernkopf’s anatomy department used bodies of executed prisoners from the Gestapo and.

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How can something so beautiful at the same time be so utterly despicable? He taught Pernkopf topographical anatomy and in Pernkopf became his assistant.

He argues that rejecting the hateful beliefs of Pernkopf and his fellow Nazis does not necessitate rejecting the elegant anatomic images they produced.

Annals of Internal Medicine. Williams for permission to use this material. However, the death of his father, the village’s doctor, in led him to pursue medicine instead, as his father’s death caused the family considerable hardship that a career as a physician was more likely to reverse.

He kept expanding it, and it became popular with the rest of the university instructors and the Austrian medical community. Herein lies the paradox of the Pernkopf Atlas, as a legacy of the Third Reich: We eduarr interests — our profession, politics, history, and oernkopf.

The first of them was Erich Lepier who, for a while, signed his paintings with a Hakenkreuz swastika. At the time of his death, Pernkopf was hard eduad work on the fourth volume. Scientists and bioethicists have debated whether it is acceptable to continue to use the atlas for instructional purposes in light of its possible provenance.

Eduard Pernkopf’s atlas of anatomy or: the fiction of “pure science”.

What is an eponym? In his first official speech in his new capacity, Pernkopf issued the following charge to his faculty in words that clearly predict both euthanasia and eventual Holocaust: Spiro acknowledged that current officials of the University of Vienna are attempting to recover information that has either been hidden or destroyed and trying to locate former faculty who were interned and exiled. Although he was ultimately never charged with any edusrd, he was required to do regular hard labor throughout his imprisonment.

Eduard Pernkopf November 24, — April 17, was an Austrian professor of anatomy who later served as rector of the University of Viennahis alma mater. Topographische Anatomie des Menschenanatomical atlas possibly derived from executed Nazi political prisoners. To him who is the proclaimer of National Socialist thought and the new way of looking at the world eruard in whom the legend of history has blossomed and has awakened and who has the heroic spirit within him, eduare greatest son of our homeland, we wish to give our gratitude and also to say that we doctors with our whole life and our whole soul gladly wish to serve him.


The third volume, covering the head and neck, was released in Pernkopf instructed them to paint the organs they saw in as much detail as possible, to pernkop them look like living tissue in print. Basic science advances can be obtained with non-human tissue e.

Those cadavers not only teach anatomy, they “can remind us of suffering not only in the past eduadr in the present, that we may be more compassionate physicians, more compassionate citizens of the world. Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 1 December The two-volume English-language edition included the original signatures including the Nazi symbols.

No information found here must under any circumstances be used for medical purposes, diagnostically, therapeutically or otherwise. Leipzig and Vienna, However, he was arrested by American military authorities in Augustand by May he had been terminated from all his remaining positions with the university.

Edward Pernkopf Atlas illustration. Kennedy Institute of Ethics. A few years later, the publisher brought out a condensed two-volume set with all the color plates, removing most of Pernkopf’s explanatory text and, later, airbrushing out the Nazi symbols Lepier and the others added to their signatures.

They should “[promote] those whose heredity is more valuable and whose biological constitution due to heredity gives the promise of healthy offspring [and prevent] offspring to those who are racially inferior and of those who do not belong.

In his address The Silence of WordsDr. Beautiful anatomical drawings were created, but this was only psrnkopf possible by the unethical and unlawful procurement of the anatomical remains of murdered victims of an evil Nazi regime—thus beauty and evil were fused.

He continued to serve in those positions until World War II ended two years later, with the surrender of Germanyincluding Austria. There was some tension among perkopf as the three who had served felt Lepier, with whom they pwrnkopf never been close personally to begin with, had had a much easier time of it during the war than they had, a bitterness aggravated eduars the Third Reich’s defeat by the Allies.

In his signature, Lepier frequently used the “r” at the end of his name as the basis for a swastikaand Endtrasser likewise used two Sig runesthe lightning-bolt insignia of the Schutzstaffel SSfor the “ss” in his name. In he was promoted again, becoming dean of the medical school.


At the ceremony installing him in that position, he acknowledged Hochstetter’s tutelage by dropping to his knees in front of the older man and kissing him on the hand. Hans Hoffa Jewish physician who had left the Vienna faculty eeduardgave him two rooms at the school’s neurological institute. Hochstetter became his mentor and one of his strongest influences.

He required medical faculty to declare their ethnic lineage as either “Aryan” or “non-Aryan” and swear loyalty to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Some years ago ;ernkopf were discussing the teaching of anatomy to medical students, and I mentioned that I use a specific anatomical atlas, written and illustrated by an anatomist named Eduard Pernkopf.

Eduard Pernkopf

Also inhe joined the Nazi Party ‘s foreign organization. A tempest has arisen recently in the wake of the videos documenting the sale of body parts of aborted children to scientists for use in research. Some of these were deported to concentration camps like Theresienstadt and Dachau, in which only a few survived.

Archived from the original on This resulted in the establishment of the Senatorial Project of the University of Vienna “Studies in Anatomical Science in Vienna from to ” [11] in Four days after becoming dean, he gave a speech to the medical faculty advocating Nazi racial hygiene theories and policies and urging his fellow physicians to implement them in their teaching and practice.

The New York Times. Two of his former colleagues, Alexander Pickler and Werner Platzer, completed it for its publication. As a result, the atlas’ publisher directed that an insert noting this possibility be mailed to eruard libraries holding the atlas, and stopped printing new copies. Case Western Reserve University. Questions have been raised recently about the propriety of using an atlas created by a Nazi and illustrated by dissections of cadavers whose identities are unknown, but who could have been victims of Nazi political terror.

InEduare reached the pinnacle of the academic career ladder when he was named the University of Vienna’s rectorits highest official.