Międzykulturowa edukacja nieformalna na przykładzie działań polskich organizacji Nikitorowicz J. Edukacja regionalna i międzykulturowa. ROLA NAUCZYCIELA W EDUKACJI MIĘDZYKULTUROWEJ. Chapter (PDF J Nikitorowicz. Nikitorowicz, J.: Edukacja regionalna i międzykulturowa. J. Nikitorowicz, who classified and defined specific types of borderlands. According to the author, a cultural . Edukacja regionalna i międzykulturowa.

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Moral bonds, as the tissue of social confidence, locality and solidarity, are significant determinants of permanence, continuity or change in contemporary societies [ 8 ].

The next step towards multicultural dialogue is intercultural education. I cycle bachelor Full-time Study Programme name: American Journal of Educational Research2 3 Trail of extinct and active volcanoes, earthquakes through Europe.

For single agency grants: This is my new computer. Wydawnictwa Akademickie i Profesjonalne. Komorowska, A Nowe tendencje w pracach programowych Rady Europy: Due attention will be also paid to how the transmission and care for cultural heritage is combined with the implementation of the idea of integration in work with children, youth and adults.

Conclusions To sum up, it is worth to cite the theses on the role of culture studies in teaching foreign languages. The third one was emphasising the link between language and culture, and including in the communication process the variation of terms, norms and behaviours deriving from the cultural distinctness of the participants of this process allowing to find oneself in the communication situation with a representative of a different culture Myczko, Nikitorowicz, the idea of intercultural education should shape the awareness of human solidarity through: This capital is mostly described by the history and tradition of the region and by its cultural or educational specificity.

They can describe their experiences, events, hopes, dreams and plans, justifying or explaining them in a simple manner. Any questions should be sent to: Wikimedia Polska Conference You too can create Monte Carlo Method used for a prognosis of a selected technological process 2 Supervisor: They are able to fully notice sociolinguistic and socio-cultural implications accompanying the utterances of native speakers and are able to react properly. The activity of the Silesian Castle of Art and Entrepreneurship in Cieszyn [ 25 ] is worth mentioning as well.


The most important of them include: ARTICLES Multiculturalism as a Challenge for Contemporary Preschool and Elementary School Education From Regional to Intercultural Education in Polish Kindergartens The direction of change in the regional an intercultural kinder- garten education The objective of the reforms introduced into Polish education is the modernization of the education process, which results from sudden changes in the ield of society and culture, politics or economics, as well as from the need to prepare young people for living in changed circum- stances.

These objectives are fulilled through the means of regional and intercultural education, start- ing as early as in kindergarten. Intercultural Education in Cieszyn Silesia.

All diagrams and photographs are termed as ‘Figures’ and should be referred to as such in the manuscript. Nasalska, E Edukacja miedzykulturowa w polskiej szkole. Person using the language on this level can identify in a wide range idiomatic and colloquial expressions, noticing the changes of the register of the utterance, however, from time to time they need to make sure about some details, especially when they are dealing with unknown accent.

Jerzy Nikitorowicz – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Phrasal Verbs in Situations. They can easily and efficiently use the language in social, public, educational or professional contacts. Widely accepted demand of intercultural approach in glottodidactics is often confronted with dull reality, where intercultural content is, more often than not, sidetracked or not present at all. The main goal of a new approach was the formation of the ability of using a foreign language in the same way as native speakers do, so the centre of gravity was transferred onto the development of communicative skills 9, while teaching the realities and culture was according to this concept understood as yet another experience of the learners, which widened their mental horizons and helped them to understand the phenomena of daily culture.


Please give one answer. Level Language fluency level Socio-linguistic propriety B1 Person using the language on this level understands the meaning of the main woof of the message contained in clear, standard utterances which concern known issues and events typical for work, school, leisure, etc. Fleischer, M Teoria kultury i komunikacji, Systemowe i ewolucyjne postawy.

Bandura, E Ewaluacja kompetencji interkulturowej in: The multidimensional identification of youth: Moreover, they learn more about the neighbouring country, its inhabitants and customs, they learn openness, tolerance and respect for unlikeness, and they develop civic attitudes and prepare for active participation in shaping the social life.

Jerzy Nikitorowicz

However, these changes require a diferent approach from teach- ers to education. Kwiatkowska, H Edukacja nauczycieli. In order to understand multiculturalism and to educate into peaceful coex- istence of diferent cultures, one irst needs to help a child to get to know and to appreciate his own culture.

In contemporary times, in the era of international communication, the issue of intercultural communication and its implication in a foreign language teaching process interested socio-linguists, sociologists and educationalists specialising in foreign languages.

The third type comprises cultural resources. Each person who was involved in parts of the project can respond. Developing a European Identity: Name and Surname of the Author of the review, rev. Beyond Multicultural Art Education: Hence the necessity of introducing lexical material marked culturally from the first level of teaching and gradual deepening of the Copyright The Online Journal of Distance Education and e-learning