Matemáticas avanzadas para ingeniería, ahora en su cuarta edición, ofrece una emprendedor, Libros buenos de autoayuda, educacion financiera, éxito,y. Morales José Silvestres, Problemas económicos de México, 4ta edición Garrido Toledano Nuria, , Invitación al emprendimiento: Una. El emprendimiento y los jóvenes Dimensiones psico-sociales. Chapter (PDF .. El emprendedor de éxito (Cuarta edición ed.). Ciudad de.

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Our team of mentors come from successful Fintech start-ups, the banking sector and Research department at Universities. Network of professional contacts with cuartx and the possibility of obtaining investors and public financing to continue developing your project.

Universitas Telefónica

Bankia Fintech by Innsomnia is the first fintech collaborative accelerator in Spain. When you finish the program you can continue with the development of your company with total freedom.

Silva also reported that 70 technology exporting companies and 50 innovation buyers attended the business matchmaking. The philosophy of Innsomnia: Together we form a business alliance based on the mutual desire for innovation.

La cuarta edición del Tech Experience regresa a Madrid

Empresas peruanas duplican proyecciones de negocios en Macrorrueda de la Alianza Our international Innsomnia team will support you in your internationalization through our The Talent Route program and cuatra global programs and agreements.

In addition to preparing the Inndux report, which includes the study of more than international innovation sources, to which the selected ones will have access.

We want you to make the most of your time and get the most out of your participation in the program. The mentoring program will be managed by professionals with extensive experience and a reputation for advising start-ups.

Twelve other Lab Talks took place that same day, where an equal number of innovative entrepreneurs in various fields shared cyarta experiences in brief and inspiring presentations on topics such as Internet Challenges in Latin America, or Ending the Water Problem, plus eight intensive workshops on topics of technology, social innovation and investment, that convened more than participants.


The first one, by Adam Gutstein, vice president of PwC: We will support you in the search for talent through our agreements with universities, business schools, code schools and exchange programs. Those edicioh will receive a first advice free of charge and will benefit from discounts in the contracting of specialized services. Complex sales, negotiation, financing, investment, legal aspects, emorendedor property, marketing, as well as many other contents that will surely be of your interest.

Other panels discussed the subjects of Social Innovation from the Corporation; Social Innovation in Business and Societies; Innovation in the Pacific Alliance; Boosting the Entrepreneurship Cuartaa in Latin America; Investment in start-ups; all these had the participation of experts from specialized university centers and representatives from technology innovation ek from the four member countries of the Alliance and Spain.

Every two weeks they will offer a talk in order to bring solutions, technology and innovation to the projects. Technology credits with our strategic partners. You evicion get more information here.

Therefore, she said, it was essential to start the Forum with the truly masterful presentation of Israeli engineer Uri Levine, creator of Waze, an application for assisted GPS navigation created to reduce the hours that drivers may waste in traffic and that today is used by more than million people worldwide. That is why we vuarta created a brand that seeks to be a reflection of Peru, as a country that promotes, rewards and forms creative minds, and that serves society.

Todos los derechos reservados. The service emprenndedor consist of preparing a Report of Possibilities of Access to personalized public financing plus an individualized follow-up. No doubt it has established itself as an ideal space to generate business, find capital for their ventures, discuss their common challenges and create networks with their peers, considering that Peru, Colombia and Mexico are among the main destinations for our service exports. In addition, those selected will benefit from a discount in the ordinary rate that will emprnededor them to make individual requests for aid for their companies.


Emprehdedor us about your project using the edicioon on our website: We are looking for Innovators, Start-ups and Spin-offs of established firms that, in addition to having a common dream as well as a proven innovative and market-orientated project, are also associated with any of the following Fintech areas: Monday, December 31, Innsomnia has its own team of innovation experts.

Your effort and dedication during the 7 months that the program lasts in the facilities that Innsomnia puts at your disposal. The international expansion of the project has allowed Innsomnia to consolidate in Latin America, London, Belgium, Luxembourg and Israel.

Periodically, an external company of recognized prestige, will provide first level advisory services. In addition, selected startups will benefit from discounts and special services offered by the selected firm. An external company will provide a face-to-face counseling service on Tuesdays.

Soy Emprendedor

Value Added Services to grow your project. They will accompany you on a daily basis providing their experience, knowledge and contacts. Open call at Bankia Fintech by Innsomnia Emprendedorr you want your project to be accelerated? Specific and adapted mentoring to the technological development needs of your project.

These last two events achieved more than business appointments.