The Bronze Horseman: A Petersburg Tale is a narrative poem written by Alexander Pushkin in . In a travelogue about Petersburg in , the French statesman Joseph de Maistre commented that he did not know “whether Peter’s bronze. Buy El Jinete de Bronce by Aleksandr Sergueevich Pushkin (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. : El Jinete de Bronce (Spanish Edition) () by Aleksandr Sergueevich Pushkin and a great selection of similar New, Used and.

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The Bronze Horseman

Same goes for cabbage. The tragedy seems relentless, but it is war. I lushkin to re-read it, for probably the hundredth time, and it still moves me just as much as it did the first time.

For those who have read the book: She survives against brronce odds, and this book beautifully portrays that. I don’t think this book would’ve affected me as much if it was any shorter. Only in the first twenty lines of the poem does Peter jinste as a living person. This book devoured me and haunted me even in my sleep for 24 straight hours. They are the perfect example of lovers who met and loved at the wrong time, especially when the beginning of their love story was also the beginning of the Second World War.

The awful living conditions during the war in Leningrad only become more brutal during the winter time. I can completely see why someone would not like this book for that reason. Here’s what is written at the end of the book, hide spoiler ] view spoiler [ “The book is a tragedy; therefore it does not have a happy ending, though it has a fitting end. From Perestroika to Novostroika. Again, Alexander said and did a few questionable and problematic things, but besides that handful of things this jonete was eel absolutely delightful to read about.


It has all the same elements that you fell in love with in Outlander. Needless to say, I will not be reading the sequels or any other books by this author.

I didn’t like the way it was handled. View all 3 comments.

See also Little, p. Ah, yes, there it is.

El jinete de bronce – Aleksandr Sergueevich Pushkin – Google Books

Have you ever loved something so much it made you cry? Pushkin’s Elevation to Sainthood in Soviet Culture”. It’s not your classic romance where everything just “works out”, it’s a heart wrenching journey of finding love and having hinete faith to hold on to it no matter what. And that kiss, good Lord, that kiss.

The Bronze Horseman (The Bronze Horseman, #1) by Paullina Simons

Well, I’m ed to somehow convince you to just give it a chance! The section evoking contemporary St Petersburg— Peter’s youthful creation, in which his spirit lives on—insinuates the first slight suggestion of this.

I won’t say anymore as not to ruin the power behind this word. She blinked and felt her breath become shorter. He encourages the city to retain its beauty and strength and stand firm against the waves of the Neva ll. Todas las estrellas son pocas.

And have you ever read a story that affected you so much that you found yourself constantly looking for songs to become your “playlist”, so that music could capture what you couldn’t in your own words?


They start meeting every day, walking and talking for hours. There is no way that two normal people could possibly survive impossible obstacle after impossible obstacle. Tatiana and Alexander will be seared into my heart forever. This book will impact you and you’ll experience what the Grinch did! Widely considered to be Pushkin’s most successful narrative poem, “The Bronze Horseman” has had a lasting impact on Russian literature.

Retrieved 16 March What about the romance? Have you ever tried to find the words, but they don’t come out right? Perhaps Evgenii is not Peter’s enemy at all. And I believe in, and hope for, and love Alexander for life. Retrieved from pushiin https: In the past they had been sabotaged but now nothing can stand against their love.

I could practically hear the author’s thought process running through my mind as I was reading. Tatiana and Alexander should have been doomed from the start. I am just over here theory-crafting how in the hell is Tatiana going to be reunited with him in book two, Tatiana and Alexander! I didn’t want to leave this part of the book, because I knew that part Jiinete was lulling me into a false sense of security.