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Refresh and try again. The book had two print sequels, and the film launched an extended series. Far too much talking, of course pages of tortured philosophising about pleasure and the joys of hedonism. By emmanuellw this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I prefer such works to be sensual in description rather than a series of graphic images laced with vulgar language.

Directed by Just Jaeckin and starring Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel in the titular role, it was a massive hit and singlehandedly created the demand for soft focus, high class, softcore films. The best emjanuelle adaptation of Emmanuelle is the film of the same namedirected by Just Jaeckinand starring Sylvia Kristel.

Emmanuelle makes a decision to be an irresistible lover for her husband.

Emmanuelle Arsan

Bangkok is portrayed as a hedonistic city which has a sybaritic effect on its western expat population. View all 5 comments. Though it was e,manuelle more on the erotic side of things than some other moments of WTF.

She also gradually shifts between her awareness of those who she feels might be able to teach her more and those who she doubts capable but somehow prove themselves to her in ways that she tests against her own boundaries of knowledge rather than just comfort. The Thai writer Emmanuelle Arsan arsna Marayat Bibidh or Krasaesin or Virajjakkam or, for Heaven’s sake, there seem to be a hundred more became – lucky her – Madame Rollet-Andriane by arwan a French diplomat she met while still in her teens.


Premise of the novel is based on the stereotype of French being libertines. Emmanuelel cinema di Ovidio G. Then others throughout the book did the same. As a result, the couple’s reputation soon spread beyond the restricted circle of the initiated and turned the Thai capital into a popular destination for swingers.

Jul 31, Marsha rated it really liked it.

I forget now, and frankly don’t really fmanuelle. Emmanuellewhich has sold hundreds of thousands of copies since its initial clandestine publication in France, relates the movement of a woman from an unconscious to a profoundly conscious sexuality.

Along the way she allows herself to be fondled by the passenger who was sitting next to her; and then to be fucked by him. Although now, I don’t have to watch them with one ear cocked for approaching parental footsteps!

A must for any fan of classic smut. She also meets Mario, a homosexual Italian expat thanks a lot, Marayat. The book is actually very well represented by the first movie with Sylvia Krystel. He only started to recover a little when they gave him the Nobel Prize. She was diagnosed with systemic sclerodermaa rare and incurable genetic disease which had first given her trouble at the age of This page was arzan edited on 21 Decemberat Meanwhile, Ariane makes a series of attempts to seduce Emmanuelle, culminating in a sexual encounter between the two women on a squash court which verges on rape.

Beh, se vogliamo uno spunto per cominciare la nostra personale recherche The last chapter of the story shows the beginning of this process, which is continued in the sequel to the novel.

Emmanuelle Arsan – Wikipedia

Notice the missing ‘m’ in the title, that was so they wouldn’t be sued by the original film’s producers. Emmanuelle is one of the first erotic adult films I saw long smmanuelle ago. View all 3 comments. And she’s quite happy of that fact. Believe it or not this is one of the first novels I ever read The plot purpose also takes a sudden turn early on.


The writing is not too bad, but it’s just not intriguing. The underlying theme of the novel is the conflict between Emmanuelle’s need for love as arsxn by her relationships with Jean and Bee and her innate eroticism as shown by her anonymous sexual encounters on the plane and her games with Marie-Anne.

She offers to introduce Emmanuelle to a friend, Mario, an Italian nobleman, who can do this. Afterwards Emmanuelle professes her love for Bee, who is taken aback, having never been with another woman before.

What I mean, though, is that his philosophy seems to favor him. Exotic settings Bangkok, the Concorde. One of them will take pity on the girl, take charge of her education, and then entrust her to Mario’s hands. At the same time, it’s fascinating to read as it’s a great snapshot of the pop philosophy of the time and is so French emmaunelle of the period.

And finding it equally disappointing. Because I have an affinity for French culture, I gave this a one star rating.

I understand that Bertrand Russell’s Principia Sexualis was a complete flop, and that he humiliated himself further by unsuccessfully trying to sell the movie rights. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Jan 01, Brad rated it liked it Recommends it for: Oct 01, Jennifyre Ziegler rated it really liked it.