Entandrophragma utile is a deciduous Tree growing to 45 m (ft) by 30 m (98ft) at a slow rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) The plant is not self-fertile. Suitable. Entandrophragma utile in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN) , U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service. BOTANIC DESCRIPTION. Entandrophragma utile is a large tree up to 60 m and more in height, with a DBH of more than cm. Crown regular with few.

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Flora entandophragma Tropical East Africa. The rates of shrinkage are medium, from green to oven dry 2. The heartwood is reddish brown to purplish brown, and distinctly demarcated from the pinkish white to pale brown, up to 6 cm wide sapwood.

Entandrophragma utile is an important timber species of Ghana for export. It may NOT be used within Apps. Stumps and striplings have been used for propagation, but the success rate of stumps was low. Flora of Tropical East Africa. It belongs to the tribe Swietenieae and is related to LovoaKhaya and Pseudocedrela. The heartwood is very resistant to preservatives.

It is hardy to entandrophagma UK Under nursery conditions, however, seedlings can reach 40 cm tall in 6 months and 75 cm in one year. Entandrophragma utile does not seem to be a logical choice for planting in agroforestry systems because its early growth is too slow.


Wood-anatomical description IAWA hardwood codes: Presently, sipo is entandrophtagma an important export timber, mainly from the Central African Republic and Congo.

The seeds are liable to rotting and should hardly be covered with soil. Saplings of Entandrophragma utile are more light-demanding than those of other Entandrophragma spp.

The risk of distortion during drying increases when more highly interlocked grain is present. This species is featured in: Secretory elements and cambial variants: The grain is slightly interlocked, texture moderately fine. The seeds are liable to rotting and should hardly be covered with soil.

Seeds can be stored for about 3 months in sealed containers in a cool place, but insect damage, to which they are very susceptible, should be avoided, e.

The bark is used in the treatment of malaria and peptic ulcers.

Overhead shade entandrophravma the survival of young seedlings, which are liable to mite and insect attacks in full sunlight. Shimane University, Matsue, Japan, pp.

Mahogany photo – Entandrophragma utile – G | Arkive

The fruit is a five-valved capsule containing numerous winged seeds. Plants For A Future can not take any responsibility for any adverse effects entandropheagma the use of plants.

Properties The heartwood is reddish brown to purplish brown, and distinctly demarcated from the pinkish white to pale brown, up to 6 cm wide sapwood. Showing 0 of 0 comments.

Entandrophragma utile

Bark sap is taken or used as a wash to treat stomach-ache and kidney pain, it is rubbed in to relieve rheumatism, and it is dropped into the eyes to treat eye inflammations and into the ear to treat otitis. It has also been suggested that intensive silviculture, possibly involving the use of shifting cultivation in a taungya-like system, is needed to achieve sustainable management.


The wood saws and works fairly easily with both hand and machine tools, with only slight blunting effects on cutting edges. Lindsey Paretti – Blood Island.

Quarter-sawn surfaces are irregularly striped. In a specimen of Entandrophragma excelsum towering more than 80 m was identified at Kilimanjaro. Tavole di cubatura di diciotto specie tropicali.

Wildscreen With – Tom Hooker: Sign up to our newsletter Get the latest wild news direct to your inbox. In southern Cameroon exploitable trees occur very scattered; the average density is up to one tree of more than 60 cm bole diameter per 20 ha, and the average wood volume is up to 0.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The fruit valves have been used as spoons[ ]. Mycorrhizal inoculation seems to have potential for improving seedling establishment. Fruit production starts when trees have reached bole diameters above 50 cm, and this has implications for forest management; minimum felling diameters should be well above 50 cm to allow natural regeneration.

Entandrophragma utile Utile entandrophragma utile West Fruits often fall unopened.