Fallcrest stands amid the Moon Hills at the falls of the Nentir River. Here travelers and traders using the old King’s Road that runs north and. Map of Fallcrest. Map Key: Tower of Waiting; Upper Quays; Five-Arch Bridge; Silver Unicorn Inn; Knight’s Gate; Nentir Inn; Halfmoon Trading House; Moonstone. Nentir Vale High Resolution Players Map. This is a high resolution map of the Nentir Vale, the setting for our Knights of Fallcrest D&D campaign.

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Once again the Nentir Vale is a thinly settled borderland where few folk live.

Other buildings in the courtyard include a stable, an armory, a chapel, a smithy, and several storehouses. One of the two paired towers is nothing but rubble, and several large gaps remain in the town walls south of the bluffs through which anyone could enter the city. With the towr overlooking it, a meager settlement began to grow as settlers from Nerath ventured into the new Northeren Province. Even with, say, 5 people per residence, you’d have– what? The Tombwood — A large ticket on the southern slopes of Moonstone Hill.

Moonstone Keep is an old castle that sits atop a steep-sided hill overlooking the town. Please come back and start blogging again! It also trades with the nearby town of Winterhaven. A ‘secret’ cave that’s pretty much up where everyone can see it?

Moonstone Keep is their barracks. This brewhouse on the banks of the Moonwash Stream is the best tavern in Fallcrest. The human noble Faren Markelhay is the Lord Warden hereditary lord of the town.


Every hundred yards or so, a small tower strengthens the wall. Fallcrest Stables — Several riding horses, draft horses and mules can be found here.

An unsavory fellow who keeps even more unsavory company. The wheel over the water is ,ap badge of the Porters, the only non-noble organization represented there’s power in a union!

Sandercot Provisioners — Largest general store in Fallcrest. They import goods including arms and armor from HammerfastHarkenwold, and the lands to the south, and organize caravans up to Winterhaven several times a year.

Fallcrest | adventure map in | Pinterest | Fantasy map, Map and Fantasy city map

It is ma; that Eraamion bought a map of the Nentir Vale for 15 gold and Orklan bought some torches. A man of impeccable manners and discretion. The owner is Orest Naerumar, a tiefling who displays impeccable manners and discretion.

The party fought back rallcrest, despite the fact that numerous citizens died, were victorious. Today I will introduce some kids to our rpg hobby with help of this map.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Thanks for the comment! She has limited access to the following ritual scrolls: Fallcrest imports finished goods from the larger cities downriver and ironwork from the Dwarven town of Hammerfastand exports timber, leather, fruit, and grain.

The place also includes shrines to Kord and Bahamut. Brother; the heraldry, let’s see — the stag I was thinking would be the Marklehay family crest. Most are sealed shut. This is the largest of those establishments. To the south of the bluff lies Lowtown, which tends to be newer and poorer. It’s a photoshop drawing, so the ‘size’ is around 20 megs and about pixels.


Fallcrest (Map)

amp Amara Azaer is in charge of the house business in Fallcrest, and spends her time on the premises. He is a garrulous old fellow who spends his time trading stories with his customers with a pipe clenched in his teeth, while his apprentices two of whom are his sons do the work. Halfmoon Trading House ; Fallcrext Provisioners. The old castle cemetery lies inside. Absolutely fantastic work, I love it! Nentir Inn ; Silver Unicorn Inn.

In the decades since the Bloodspear War, Fallcrest has struggled to reestablish itself. However, he is eager for news of other towns in the Vale and farther lands as well and never turns away someone who brings him news or waits to see him.

I think the half-open tower in the upper left is much more evocative in the version where the “fallcrest” logo isn’t covering it up. They collect a toll of 1 cp per head and 1 sp per mount making use of the bridge in either direction.

I appreciate any way to make this stuff clearer and more appealing evocative, great word.