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One of the first fruits of this frank dialogue over tactics in Bosnia was last Thursday’s air strike against a Bosnian Serb tank. He said, howeier, that reforms of the state system aimed at enabling conpanies to create private tension schemes would have b take account of the r ulings. But members of the signal workers union, the RMT.

The author presents a l250_eun_122 tively optimistic scenario for l250_eum_22 future. This means that neither space nor time is wasted, but comparatively small quantities of water Mitering the vehicle decks can cause the ship to develop a heavy list, and cap- size. He trained as a barrister before joining construction company Taylor Woodrow as a director at the age of Also under-exploited has been the overlap between the goods and services purchased by all l250_ekm_122 separate businesses.

The Financial Times Limited. The study, by the Institute for Fiscal Studies in London for the Joseph Rowntree foun- dation, says the tax discrep- ancy is due to different savings methods used by rich, and poor.

The Gujarat Chamber of Com- merce and Industry estimates the city is losing about Rsm a day in turnover, due to the absence of owners, man- agers and workers who fled.

The Sony product, and others from Motorola, Matsushita of Japan and Philips of the Netherlands which are expected to follow, are access devices for this new network. You’ll find well bend over backwards to help. We are lucky in that respect because we grasped the nettle many years ago. The expansion in the region comes at a time when growth in the US food market, Pillsbory’s core market, is slowing and companies arc being forced to look for earnings growth overseas.

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Hopes were slim yesterday that the protracted and increasingly hostile negotiations would be concluded before the deadline. Berlin, New York and Paris. The settlement of the arson charges nearly three years of pre-trial wrangling, and came two days before the presiding judge would have ended arguments in the case. In the absence of faz social workers, all frightened off the planet by Ken Loach, what can a poor boy do?


See what holds your attention. And on choosing an airline that for innovation, service and value, is second to none. Another area of negotiation and dispute between the two sides concerns the joint ven- tures which Russia has formed with companies, especially from Belgium and Israel, to send diamonds l250_ekm_122 for pol- ishing. The IMF predicts strong overall growth in the developing countries, but notes conditions vary. Mr Bildt, like many Stock- holmers yesterday, recalled that he had himself sailed on the Estonia and said he knew several people who were l250_eu,_122 the ship when it sank.

Another argument for cau- tion is that by incorporating the Visegrad countries too quickly and slamming the door. Through gateways to other electronic mail services, including the Internet.

M3 IS Frankfurt am Main. Pricod at Lf Diamond Pass is valid for 5 return trips over 3 months. An agent will automatically search the directory of subscribers, deliver the message and bring back complete addressing information to the originator.

Canada and the US are seen as the fastest growing of the Group of Seven industrial countries this year, with forecast growth of 4.

President Aristide, in con- vening parliament, has called on the assembly to debate not only the amnesty but also six other pieces of legislation, including the separation of police and army powers. European Union environment ministers are close to agreeing guidelines for big cuts in fuel consumption of new cars, German environment minister Klaus Topfer said. Where hunger or poverty is the underlying cause of deforestation, nc can provide ftuit trees. Beyond that there is the administrative expense of tracing employees who might have left a com- pany nearly 20 years ago.

Business sectors responded to the resolution of the court cases with varying degrees of anxiety. But what of the studios? But the reform has been delayed, partly became of political sensitivity. Tesco, the food retailing chain, said its non-contributory pen- sion scheme had been open to all part-timers for several years.

In other European Community states could face a significant bill- In the Netherlands, for instance, just oyer titan 30 per cent of the workforce is part time and much of that is fanalp Mr Bob Bunidch, a director at actuarial consultants Wil- liam M.

The most organic of Chaplin’s designs is a free-standing, full length skirt structure in which she is hidden and which drifts and rolls precariously around the stage, like some decapitated Georgian dancer.

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Already, the energy and mil- itary lobbies have opened the first rounds of the fight for more credits and the govern- ment’s hopes of getting the budget through the par- liament with the same ease as it did Uie budget earlier this year seem certain to be dashed. Finland and Estonia yesterday began investigating the capsize of the ferry Estonia in the Baltic Sea amid reports that water had flooded in through the bow doors.


Page 9 Alcatel profits warning: Mr Mussa said the recovery in fiie industrial world was accom- panied by encouraging signs of Recession is dead and output is set to expand Page 5 growth in Africa and a continued strong performance in Asia and some Latin American countries. Where pensions are received ae a lump sum funded by contrtoutioos from, employer and worker and are used to buy an snmrity, is ft OK for employers to malts equal contributions for men and women or must the employer ensure I equal benefits?

They will also be able to send but not receive facsimile messages. This is particularly valuable in rise Impenetrable Forest. For the last year, PepsiCo’s European heads have been meeting to see what economies of scale across operations might yield. After her husband’s tomfoolery, it is easy to treat Chaplin’s contributions as mere recov- ery tune, but her more modest presence should not be underestimated.

As in the six-week-old base- ball strike, the public is vent- ing its anger on both sides, especially in Canada, where hockey is the national sport and Hockey Night is the lon- gest-running programme on television.

In both cases they reflect the degree to which the entertainment ele- ment of sport p250_eum_122 beat over- shadowed by business. With the products and support that will keep you competitive into the 21st century. Shipping nations agreed on l250_eumm_122 rules governing the sta- bility of ships under the Safety of Life at Sea convention inalthough Britain. The out- standing issues woe settled by.

Ex-freedom fighter in his own l25_eum_122, his function is to nag us gently, insistently. The bank, together with University Col- lege London, has also exploited the pattern-recognition ability of neural networks by building a model that was 57 per cent successful in fore- casting the direction of the long- dated gilts market But for every enthusiast there is a sceptic. After graduating from Glasgow University in pure science, he joined Coats Pa ton in at the age l250e_um_122 The result has been that the UK and nine other European nations, including Sweden, have imposed tougher regula- tions on the stability of ferries and have insisted on their more rapid application to exist- ing.