GDSII Stream format is the standard file format for transfering/archiving 2D graphical design data. It contains a hiearchy of structures, each structure containing. Beyond that, let me say that the stream format is quite simple. I suspect that the people at Calma put a lot of thought into creating a file that. Learn files and view a list of programs that open them.

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Table of Contents Previous section: By activating this option via the setup dialog or via a macro, all saved GDS II files will be padded to this length by adding a 0 at the end of the file. The value can be negative. Information about external data can be found in the CustomPlus User’s Manual.

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A path must have at least 2, and a boundary at least 4 pairs of coordinates. This option is rarely needed and the default for this function is off. See also the web site http: This is done by calculation a SHA1 checksum during the save process.

There may be more than one fike of data, but the rest of the record will be of this type. GDS II files were originally placed on magnetic tapes. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Save Path as Polygon Path elements with a width greater than 0 will be saved as a polygon. A negative value for width means that the width is absolute; i.

This method will allow an unlimited number of polygon points. The following is a list of record types. Required for Filtered format, and present only in Filtered Stream files. I’ve listed the essential ones here: Actually, the data type seems redundant, since each record type has only one valid data type. The representation of negative fkle is the same as that of positive numbers, except that the highest order bit is 1, not 0. Real numbers are not represented in IEEE format. The first most significant bit of the first byte is the sign, one means negative, 0 means positive.


No data is present. One or more Stream records 3. This record must not be present if none of the fonts have a textfont file. Bits 12 and 13 specify the vertical presentaton 00 means top, 01 means middle, and 10 means bottom.

Also, there is a limit on the total amount of property data that may be associated with any one element: The current design in memory is modified as well with any save operation. Path and boundary elements may have up to pairs of coordinates. The 7 least significant bits of the first byte are the gdski in “excess 64” notation.

SPIE Handbook of Microlithography, Micromachining and Microfabrication

These free tools include editors, [2] [3] [4] viewers, [5] utilities to convert the 2D layout data into common 3D formats, [6] [7] utilities to convert the binary format to gdsik human readable ASCII format [8] formxt program libraries. Each record type must have the specified data type. The head of the plex is flagged by setting the seventh bit; therefore, plex numbers should be small enough to occupy only the rightmost 24 bits.

This is required for Filtered format, and is present only in a Filtered Stream file. An AREF has exactly three pairs of coordinates, which specify the orthogonal array lattice.

If this gcsii is omitted, then the element is assumed to have no reflection and its magnification and angle are assumed to be non-absolute.


All About Calma’s GDSII Stream File Format

The following records are not supported by Stream Release 3. The length of this string is always equal to the length of the record minus the four bytes used for the record header. The elegant architecture enables it to support today’s modern chips with gile billions of polygons while the simplicity enabled programmers to write code to manipulate GDSII and do things with it that the developers could not have imagined.

NODE [] No data is present. That is to say, that a number of elements are grouped into a cell or structure, and then that structure is used or instanced or placed many many times. Each record starts with two bytes containing the foormat of the record. I doubt anyone has filf the chutzpah to start using it since. The third point locates a position which is displaced from the reference point by the inter-row spacing times the number of rows.

Fild omitted, the default is 0. This checksum is validated for the stored file in a second step to ensure that the GDSII file is correctly stored. They sure did that with the layer numbers and data types.


This is the one that seems to have never been used, so I’ll describe the eight byte real in a bit more detail. GDSII files were originally placed on magnetic tapes. An example MASK list looks like this: The technical limit of the file format structure is points, which is allowed in version 7.