Pathfinder Player Companion: Halflings of Golarion [Paizo Staff] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the beginning of history, halflings. From the beginning of history, halflings have lived side-by-side with humanity, living in human cities, adopting human customs, and seeing to the common needs. Pathfinder Player Companion has 38 ratings and 0 reviews. From the beginning of history, halflings have lived side-by-side with humanity, living in human.

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Danny rated it liked it Aug 15, War for the Crown Map Folio. Halflings are generally easy-going yet excitable, staid hlflings yet frenetic if roused. Darren Brown rated it it was amazing Jun 25, An overview of halfling culture, including a history of halflings on Golarion, their traditions and coming-of-age rituals, and relations with other races.

Retrieved from ” https: Sandpoint, Light of the Lost Coast. Hal Maclean and Amber Scott. No trivia or quizzes yet. Although halflings in the Inner Sea region are most commonly found in gilarion nations of AndoranCheliaxGaltIsgerMolthuneNidalTaldorand Varisiathey are a travelling race, and have spread to nearly all corners of the globe, [2] even goparion far-away Arcadiawhere they are one of the most populous races.

Gene rated it liked it Jun 24, Description From the beginning of history, halflings have lived side-by-side with humanity, living in golaeion cities, adopting human customs, and seeing to the common needs of humans as cooks, entertainers, and menials. Their coloration is as variable as the locales they call home. Maybe someday he’ll make a return go,arion. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Details on the halflings of Golarion —their physical and mental traits, style of dress, famous curiosity and opportunistic luck, and more.

Halflings of Golarion

Other books in this series. He was trying to become an adventurer and escape a boring gollarion as a cheese-maker – and yet he related everything back to cheese?

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The eyes of halflings tend to be fair, with green and blue being the most common colors. Halflings grew up among the human cultures of Avistanalongside and often overlooked by the growth and success of those nations and regions they inhabited.


Most halflings worship the human gods popular in their homelands, specifically those who emphasize community, beauty, honor, and freedom such as AbadarCayden CaileanDesna, ErastilIomedaeSarenraeand Shelyn. Retrieved from ” https: Despite their often menial work, halflings on the whole and especially younger halflings tend to always keep an eye open for the next opportunity, hoping to improve their lot.

In general, the only places where they are treated poorly specifically for being halflings are the countries still controlled by Cheliax.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In game terms, the different keepsakes allow for the halfling to make minor changes to first level divine spells.

I was quite pleasantly surprised by how much I got from this book, and I’ll see it as a sign that an oft-neglected race in Pathfinder should perhaps get a little more attention.

And now, at long last, their secrets, culture, beliefs, and lore can be revealed Pathfinder Player Companion: Open Preview See a Problem? We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Most dress in styles similar to that of their human neighbors. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Lists with This Book.

Pathfinder Player Companion: Halflings of Golarion : Paizo Staff :

Elves of Golarionp. I’m wondering if there’s a resource anywhere that lists the political status of Halflings in each country. While some believe this to be unfair and underhanded, jinxes contend that they are only evening the odds.

The prestige class also receives some other solid abilities at higher levels. Submit a new text post. Request A Build Wednesday: Since the birth of modern fantasy fiction, halflings have been the halflins, pint-sized adventurers at the center of it all, constantly overlooked and dismissed by their enemies, only to end up overcoming all odds.


They’re slaves in Molthune, though some would be free Molthune frees slaves if they serve in the military. Halfling religion, crafts, weapons, and other tools and disciplines that help keep them safe, plus an overview of the Bellflower Networkan underground organization working to free halfling slaves everywhere.

Halflings often work in service professions such as maids, cooks, and innkeepers, which leaves them in the perfect position to observe the world around them. A general thing to keep in mind, though: Nate Booker rated it really liked it Jun 12, Finding evidence of halflings throughout the ages is difficult, as history generally focuses on the human societies, overlooking the hapflings folk in their shadows.

Charles Gory rated it did not like it Jun 11, New types of sling ammunition designed specifically to help take down larger foes, as well as new sling-related feats. Looking for beautiful books? Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Books by Hal Maclean.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of halflinge internet. At once hard working and lackadaisical, comfortable at home but halflngs to leave in an instant if the right opportunity comes along, halflings are a study in contrasts. This golation many young ones to become vagabonds, traveling about and living by their wits golafion what they can steal.

I know that the Shackles is a grab bag. This knowledge is invaluable to a halfling, given their generally defenseless position. Return of the Runelords Poster Map Folio.