Get your next HELIX HXA 40 X MK II directly via Croooober Japan, the largest marketplace for used auto parts – worry-free worldwide shipping | 4ch amplifier. View online Instruction manual for HELIX HXA 40 X Amplifier or simply click Download button to examine the HELIX HXA 40 X guidelines offline on your desktop. I got a pair of these, I just need a little more juice at 4ohm. These are AMAZING SQ at% THD, Damp Factor of and S/N of db.

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HXAX Power Amplifier by Helix Electronics Valuation Report by

HXE verbunden werden. In diesem Fall darf die angeschlossene Lautsprecherimpedanz von 4 Ohm nicht unterschritten werden! Im Stereobetrieb darf die angeschlossene Impedanz 2 Ohm pro Kanal nicht unterschreiten! Der Regelbereich ist mV bis 8,5 V. Sollte nur ein Stereosignal, d.

Bei beiden Positionen liegt an den Cinchbuchsen 27 und 28 jeweils das Restsignal von C 27 und D hrlix an. Schaltet man diese nun als Hochpass z. Plus zu Plus und Minus zu Minus. Der Pluspol ist bei den meisten Lautsprechern gekennzeichnet. Do not ground speaker output terminal to vehicle chassis. This can destroy your amplifier.

Please pay attention to connect all loudspeakers in proper phase, i. Dear Customer, congratulations for purchasing this high-quality Helix amplifier, made in Germany.

This new Helix amplifiers highlights best quality, excellent manufacturing and nelix technology. To find out how Helix amplifiers work best for you, read this manual carefully and follow the instructions for installation.

Any other system could cause damage to the amplifier and the electrical 40z of the vehicle. The hflix cable from the battery for the complete system should be provided with a main fuse at a distance of max. The value of the fuse is calculated from the max. Install the cabling in a manner which precludes any danger of the leads being exposed to shear, crushing or rupture forces.


If there are sharp edges in the vicinity e. We guarantee that this product has been checked for proper functioning before shipping. We wish you a lot of fun with your new Helix amplifier. Yours, Audiotec Helxi Team Installation Instructions Before you start installation, disconnect the car battery at the minus pole. We would urge you to have the installation work carried out by an authorized specialist as verification of correct installation and connection is a prerequisite for warranty cover of the Helix amplifiers.

Never lay the power supply cables adjacent to leads and lines connecting other vehicle equipment fan motors, fire detection modules, gas lines etc. Install your amplifier at a dry location with sufficient air circulation to ensure adequate cooling hxw the equipment. For safety reasons, the amplifier must be secured in a professsional manner. For this use the attached four fixing screws and fix them into a mounting surface offering sufficient stability.

Before drilling the holes for the screws, carefully examine the area around the installation 40s and make sure that there In order to ensure safe installation use only high quality connectors and materials.

Ask your dealer for Brax and Heliix accessories. This is only activated if the head unit is switched ON.

Helix HXA 40X – AMP Performance

Thus the amplifier is switched on and off with the head unit. The fuse value of the amplifier is 30 Ampere. These connectors are gold-plated in order hxq ensure better signal transmission. In this case the total impedance of the connected speakers must be 4 ohm or higher.

In stereo mode the connected total impedance per channel can be 2 ohm or higher.


In mono mode the total input signal of both channels 04x be higher than 8. These controls are not volume controls and are solely intended for the purpose of sensitivity trimming. The adjustment range extends from mV to 8. The operating mode can be selected with the switches 13 and Only for HXA 40X: If there is only one stereo signal hca, use switch 12 at position 1 only for the inputs A and B only this input RCA connectors can be used at position 1.

In this position all four inputs of the amplifier can be used.

In this case the inputs A and B only these can be used in this modecontrolled by the switches 13 and 15 with the use of controller 17, the frequencies for the speaker outputs A and B will be specified. The signal which is not processed from both channels remaining signal from A and B will be supplied to the channels C and D. At this channels C and D the remaining signal will be specified with the switches 14 and 16 and controller The signal that remains of channel C and D is supplied to the RCA connectors 27 and 28 where it can be used for connecting an additional helis.

If the frequencies are used heliz highpass, i. The frequencies up to Helx are provided to the outputs 27 and 28 for connecting an additional subwoofer amplifier.

HELIX HXA 40 Instruction Manual

Power rating at 4 Ohm p. Power rating at 2 Ohm p. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.