: Murder in Amsterdam: Liberal Europe, Islam, and the Limits of Tolerance (): Ian Buruma: Books. A revelatory look at what happens when political Islam collides with the secular West Ian Buruma’s Murder in Amsterdam is a masterpiece of investigative. Murder in Amsterdam: The Death of Theo Van Gogh and the Limits of Tolerance is a book by Ian Buruma. The Guardian describes it as, “part reportage.

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Multiple perspectives always temper hero worship, I’ve found! Trivia About Murder in Amsterd Der Ort, an dem er sich befindet, ist dem Leser nur allzu bekannt. The Allah-excuse is a feeble one; Bouyeri’s belief that his act was in some way the ‘right’ thing to do nothing more than a delusion.

I actually have a better iqn of the major challenges facing Europe with the influx of mkrder as a result of this good read.

Tom Cruise has the right to sound like an idiotic jerk, and I have the right to refuse to see anything he’s in. The Dutch was rather stilted, possibly reflecting iin patchiness of Bouyeri’s education, possibly from having been translated from Arabic into English for consumption via the internet, then into Dutch.

What it IS about, specifically, Murdef this book was a mind-altering experience — and not in a good way. Buruma’s book describes the special Dutch conditions and circumstances, and while it is illuminating — even just in the questions it raises offering, as it does, few answers — hardly allows for larger lessons that are applicable throughout Europe much less America, where the immigrant-experience and the immigrant-related issues tend to be completely different ones. One of the results culminated in the killing of Theo van Gogh in the streets of Amsterdam.

To face the facts beyond the veil

I just know that we need to pay attention to the questions. These were thought to be necessary measures to protect family life. After Bouyeri shot van Amsyerdam, he calmly stood over the body and cut his throat with a curved machete, as if performing a ritual sacrifice, which in a very real sense he was.

But why are you killing that guy who had nothing to do it? If anything, Buruma seems to feel that the problems are caused by a “welfare state” that for good or bad intentions, sections off a part of its society.


Und Buruma wirkt ebenso ratlos, wie wir es alle sind. He points to the failure of multiculturalism at the root of Theo van Gogh’s murder, fueled by the xenophobic remarks made by Fortuyn. Some ghettoization has occurred, and Buruma makes a good case that it is especially the displaced second-generation — the children of the original, often poorly educated immigrants who were made to feel at home in neither their parents’ culture, nor in Holland itself — that have the most difficulty in finding a place for themselves and hence in some cases act out in unacceptable ways.

I have seen many complications towards individuals dealing with the issues, both from the immigrants and the host people. I am quite familiar or rather bored with each other’s claims and accusations.

Murder in Amsterdam: The Death of Theo van Gogh and the Limits of Tolerance

I appreciated the research that Buruma conducted in authoring this book. Coming from a rigid Calvinist family background I am always amazed that a country that is basically rigid yet has the capacity of tolerance, especially in view of the fact that today. The church, to be kept separate, then was Christian — be it Catholic or Calvinistic — today it is Islam. When he chimes in, he’s quite astute and perceptive; there’s just not enough of him in thi This book provides a lot of context for “Infidel,” the bestseller by Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Taking from my experience and stories in this book, I am tempted to say that it is you who are in charge on how you want to perceive yourself in the new situation. Bouyeri is a weak, pathetic thug who couldn’t channel his personal failure any other way than to harm another human being.

In his hands, it is the exemplary tale of our age, the story of what happens when political Islam collides with the secular West and tolerance finds its limits. My local paper can publish those cartoons, and amstrrdam can protest outside the paper’s building and amsterdaj strongly worded letters. View all 3 comments.

Murder in Amsterdam by Ian Buruma

As the death of Theo van Gogh and the recent events in Boston demonstrate, it is not the tolerant Muslims among us who want to harm, much less destroy, our western systems and institutions, but rather those who are unable to adapt to the alien, usually unwelcoming, totally self-focused milieu that comprises so much of the western world — murrer of those, the tiny minority who turn to ultra-extreme and ultra-literal interpretations of ancient texts for solace and direction.


Can’t recommend this highly enough – an exploration of the “clash” of European Enlightenment, Islamic ideology, liberalism, conservatism, kurder mythology, and national reality. There is a strong sense of journalistic immediacy to Buruma’s cultural inquiry, and if the result is a slim volume, that’s because his dense, thoughtful prose doesn’t waste a single word.

Two competing, hostile versions of absolute truth square up against each other, derived from different cultures, each with a mission to override culture and draw in the deracinated. Feeliing conflicted seems to be a good thing. This page was last edited on 7 Novemberat The author writes of the murder of Theo Van Gogh a controversial filmmaker, personality in Amsterdam.

The Allah-excuse is a feeble one; Bouyeri’s belief that his act was in some way the ‘right’ thing to do nothing more than a delusion.

Murder in Amsterdam – Wikipedia

Parts of it were fascinating to me, but I felt like I was slogging thru much of the book. We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they bufuma, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure.

An interesting social-historical account, but not entirely satisfying as a discussion of the issues. When he chimes in, he’s quite astute and perceptive; there’s just not enough of him in burumw book for me. No one comes out perfectly clean in Buruma’s book, perhaps because this is a dirty, messy issue without murdsr clear, simple solutions.

Retrieved 27 January It shows the edges that collides between the two sides. The Best Books of Since his death, what Buruma calls the ‘Friends of Theo’ have sought to portray him as standing for Enlightenment values: He praises Van Gogh et.