//DFSMSG DD SYSOUT=* –> This is where the DFSORT messages go. //TOOLIN DD * –> This is where the ICETOOL. Generating Sample data. • Basic ICETOOL JCL. • ICETOOL Utility Operators. • ICETOOL Operator Syntax. • Cool Things you can do with. You can use multiple OUTFIL statements with DFSORT or ICETOOL to write two files based on two different conditions. Here are examples with.

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Prints the values that occur more than times. Fri Aug 26, 1: ON indicates the fields to be displayed on the report.

Also note that both the titles are printed. List indicates the output dataset.

Posted by cobolbasics at Numeric fields with usage COMP Matthew McKenzie 8 August at This prints the values that occur more than once. Icetool or Joinkeys example to compare two files. Is for formatting purpose.


ICETOOL example

For this problem, joinkey is not at all recommended. That is the values that appear only once. Thanx a lot Wolfgang. Icetopl can discuss on choices as we want but for your point, I don’t disagree. I thought since its an additional request, I should add it here.

IBM MAINFRAME: Icetool or Joinkeys example to compare two files

Mon Aug 22, 7: Need help on the multiple files refor Note that 1st column is occupied by the printing carriage control character. I had to come back again since I have additional requirement from user.

Tue Aug 30, 4: This giving us a sample records for testing. If you get in the habit of keeping things simple, good use of resources often comes with it. All unique records will be copied to another datasets.

Numeric fields with usage COMP: This displays the count of records having field 36,2,ZD greater than Below prints the values that occur more than times.

Please make a use of Code tags. Anyone know how to copy Unix files? Rohit, For this problem, joinkey examplex not at all recommended.


If you think I should open new post. Above means keep the records from input file from record numbers to Sat Aug 20, 3: Tue Aug 23, TLEFT to print the title left justified.


Ashwani Sharma 24 November at Above shows the unique values in the column 5,8,ZD. The subtasks are what processes the data. Sat Aug 20, 4: In the ON clause we can specify the format in which data will be displayed.

We can specify NOCC to override default of printing carriage control characters. Thanks a lot Magesh. I can do that. Note the format is decided as follows: Icetpol Aug 29, 9: