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The IEC database is organized as a set of “data sheets” describing different document kinds and their attributes. Please click on “General description ” on. IEC provides rules and guidelines for the classification of documents based on their characteristic content of information. Basic elements and generic composites. Show details for A – Documentation describing documents A – Documentation describing documents. Show details for B.

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General description Structure of the database Normative references Application of existing document kinds Naming conventions for document kinds and documents How to process requests for new document kinds Structure of the database [top] IEC DB contains a collection of definitions of document kinds used in electrotechnology and related fields. PL – Location lists.

LA – Exploitation and survey documents. However the description of document kinds is derived from the paper-based presentation of this information, i. Example — to find a DDC for a single idc diagram you can search the data base by application area.

BF – Dispatch storage and transport documents. How to Write an Electrical Note Electrical notes are a collaborative collection of electrical engineering information and educational material.


L – Location documents. Terms relating to construction documentation.

IEC Document Designation

Technical product documentation — Vocabulary — Part 4: T – Geometry-related documents. Procedure for the declaration of materials in products of the electrotechnical and electronic industry. EC – Technical specifications and requirements.

In addition to these are the following forms used in the database: ED – Dimensioning documents. P – Object listings. Arrangement drawing building Building drawing Installation diagram building Cable routing drawing building Earthing drawing building.

Installation of a UPS can help in reducing problems due to issues with the power supply.

Arrangement drawing site Site plan Installation iecc site Installation diagram site Cable routing drawing site Earthing plan, drawing site. The standard IEC Classification and designation of documents for plants, systems and equipment describes rules and guidelines for the uniform classification and identification of documents based on their characteristic content of information.

What happened to the cable notes? Comments are ie for this post: Documentation is necessary for the provision of information for all activities during the life-cycle of technical products which include plants, systems and equipment. E – Technical requirement and dimensioning documents. Conformity assessment — Supplier’s declaration of conformity — Part 1: BS – Security documents.

BE – Resource planning documents. One aim of this standard is to establish a method for better communication and understanding between parties involved in document interchange.


QC – Quality verifying documents. DB – Explanatory documents.

IEC – Database for document kinds

Finding a document kind The IEC database provides two methods for finding a document kind: Preparation of documents used in electrotechnology — Part 1: The object designation shall unambiguously specify the object to which a document is assigned.

About the author myElectrical Engineering. AB – Lists regarding documents. Any registered user can add content.

PB – Parts lists. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Document kinds by DCC. Retrieved from ice https: Lamps are the essential part of any luminaire.

IEC Document Designation

In order to facility finding the correct DDC, the database allows searching for documents and listing in different formats by application area, activity area, presentation form, etc. It is applied for all documents within the life cycle of a technical products like plants, systems or equipment.

MA – Connection documents. C – Contractual and non-technical documents. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.