Export WinGrid to a New PDF Document The WinGridDocumentExporter™ component enables you to export your entire WinGrid™ directly into a PDF or XML. Is there any easy way of exporting all data from an UltraGrid programmatically? I have been toying with and although QTP does not error on that. I used to use the code in section one to export to excel (it was quick but it took the same format which i didnt want in excel). I then used the code.

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They can then export their view to Excel. Offline Jason posted over 7 years ago in reply to Mike Saltzman. If all you want to do is dump all of the grid data into an Excel file, retaining any current formatting, this is all you have to do, and you can stop here. I am creating an instance of infrqgistics UltraGrid dynamically, then attempting to bind a list of our custom object to it and write the resulting grid to Excel.

UltraGrid export to PDF | Infragistics Forums

We use our own and third-party cookies to improve your experience on our website. By continuing to use the website we understand that you accept their use. I think that the easiest way to export each band in a separate worksheet is to get the underlying ulragrid table for the child band to set it as DataSource of grid object and then to export this grid object with the following override of public Infragistics.

Is there a way to only export the first band to one sheet and the second band to another sheet and link them together some how. CellExporting ‘ Change the value of the tenth cell of each row. To do that, you can put a check in the InitializeRow event like so:. Please let me know If you need any further assistance on this. If this is really your case, I would probably do your test on the NetAdvantage side, because it’s not only exporting that’s going to be your issue with QTP but importing.

Hi, The UltraGridExcelExporter does a huge amount of caching which is probably what accounts for the speed difference. infragustics


Export and although QTP does not error on that line, it’s not saving anything; I have tried various parameters such as filename etc as detailed in the NetAdvantage help which is much more useful than the TestAdvantage help! Then during replay, export test data, and then import your base data, then run through some long comparitive logic to import it. Strings that begin with the words “Accounting Manager” are not to be exported from the application, so the code substitutes a abbreviation that will appear in the Excel file:.

If you got the cell once and stored it in a variable and then re-used the same cell reference, it would be a lot more efficient. Hello Ameya, I am checking infragostics the progress of this issue.

Export WinGrid to a New PDF Document – Infragistics Windows Forms™ Help

Can no-one suggest a useful code snippit for my dilemma?? In expory nutshell you are going to create a recursive function that does the following:. Do you have any useful code Ammar? Sorry about my delayed reply. Exporting to Excel format is a process similar to printing grid data, in that you have control over how Layouts and Ot are applied to the data before export, and which data is included or excluded. By continuing to use the website we understand that you accept their use.

Offline Ammar Zuriki posted over 10 years ago. I am referencing the Infragistics2.

But I was researched and I was not able to find any suitable way to present a hierarchical data of type one to many in excel from two different worksheets. Export dgReport, report ; gridSection. I think you might be going about this in a much more complicated way than is really neccessary. Then you just have to deal with any row- or cell-level properties.

Create the InitializeRow event for the ultraGridDocumentExporter1 component either through the Properties window if using C or the drop-down boxes above the code-behind if using Visual Basic. Is it possible sure, I would highly recommend though doing more controlled tests.

Export WinGrid to a New PDF Document

Export Ultragrid to Excel. We use our own and third-party cookies to improve your experience on our website. You can also perform post-processing on the data after it has been written into the file by using the CellExported event. Offline Mike Saltzman posted over 7 years ago.


Export ultragrie, sFilename, Infragistics. You have rated this topic in the last 30 days. I have created a small sample in order to illustrate my idea.

Modifying WinGrid’s Layout Before Exporting to a PDF Document

This topic assumes that your grid is populated with the Customers iltragrid from the Northwind database. Show “Please find records before trying to export”, App.

The reason I want to do this is that I have a grid that changes dynamically every time a field is changed on a form and as such there is no set number of sibling rows, and as trying to navigate an unknown number of sibling rows is proving a nightmare through QTP, Knfragistics decided to dump the grid to excel and use the Excel Object Model to do the work, which Nifragistics much more familiar with!

The following code goes in the CellExported event. In the Click event of the export initiating control, enter the following code: You could, of course, create a new grid and bind it to your whole data source. NET object model via something like: Hi, I am now using the UltragridExporter, 1.

Double End If End Sub. This layout is a clone used for the export, so you can modify this layout in any way you like and it will affect the export only – it will have no effect on the on-screen grid. BeginExport ‘ This line effectively gives the page a 25 pixel margin. Finally, the new worksheet is made active so that it will be the first one the user sees when opening the XLS file.

Worksheets 1Excel. Which what I dont want. Please let me know if this is what you are looking for. Reply Verify Answer Cancel. Anyhow, the reason I want to export to excel is partly bourne out of my frustration in tto being able to fashion the right code in QTP to navigate through a Onfragistics reliably in the manner I want. I have an Ultragrid that has many columns, and the user is allowed to group the data in the grid by whatever and however many columns they choose.