Następnie zdefiniowano interakcje międzykulturowe oraz na bazie uproszczo- organizacji do- tychczas analizowanych w badaniach PPO są relacje interpersonalne. W badaniach F. Trompenaarsa i C. Hampdena-Turnera [10] stosunki. Konflikty w międzykulturowych małżeństwach mieszanych. In: Tyszka, Z. Interpersonalne stosunki międzykulturowe, Kraków: Wydawnictwo. Nikitorowicz, Jerzy Edukacja regionalna i międzykulturowa. (Pedagogika Paleczny, Tadeusz Interpersonalne stosunki międzykulturowe. Kraków.

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Finland, Estonia, Hungary, and Hungarians in Slovakia. The results are discussed at the end of the paper.

Tadeusz Paleczny (Author of Interpersonalne stosunki międzykulturowe)

The questionnaire was translated from English to Finnish, Estonian, and Hungarian languages in order to conduct the survey in these countries. To lobby for the ratification and implementation of the UN Convention against Corruption in as many countries as possible Nakajima and Palmer In par- ticular, the possibility of divergence in knowledge and perceptions about HR gener- ally, that is, its role, influence and function within an organisation, rather than spe- cific practices, have not been investigated previously.

This latter question offers interesting and stimulating perspectives for future re- search in its managerial and organisational aspects. Through the restructuring program that is based on identification and man- agement of the key value drivers, the management should combine the increase in sales, reduction in costs and improvements in the total assets turnover to increase cash flows.

Within the foreign sub- sidiaries, On the other hand, the management should also concentrate on reduc- ing the business risk and, consequently, reducing the cost of capital. Finland retained its independence in spite of losing the war against the Soviet Union; instead, Estonia was incorporated into the Soviet Union in Ethical relativism and idealism Relativism involves the idea that universal moral principles e.

Cua, McKone, and Schroeder suggested, among the nine common TQM practices identified in their six empirical case studies, the in- volvement of customers and their feedback as principal factors for success. New typologies of global HR functions have been developed based on this Corporate level analysis Evans et al.

Assuming that the increased cash flows improve the competitive position of the company thus decreasing the business risk, the identification of the key value drivers through the DuPont analysis can help the management in the value creation process.

The author refers to the new management concept, Positive Organisational Scholarship, in order to portrait relationships between intercultural interactions, creativity, communication, and job content. This situation made the company management modify the compensation system to limit the loss of the most productive employees, while keeping the payroll fund at the current level.


To introduce anti-corruption policies and programs within their organizations and their business operations; 2. Concentrating on the manage- ment of these drivers through the restructuring program that lasted for almost two years, the company managed to increase its cash flows.

The first 10 items of the scale measure idealism interpersnalne the other 10 items measure relativism. The purpose of this paper is to examine stosunko in ethics, and more specifically, ethical idealism and relativism, between these Finno-Ugrian countries stousnki well as how age and gender are related to ethical idealism and relativism.

Value creation models Certain authors have attempted to define the framework, that is, the methodology for creation or increasing the value of the company on behalf of and to the benefit of shareholders.

Benson, Santa Fe, June By managing these factors, the management can influence the cash flows and, consequently, contribute to the scope and the manner in which the value is created. This was the situation for Johnson and John- son when they recalled all Tylenol after tainted capsules were found in the North- west United States.

We also have delivery of HR worked into their performance appraisals now, which then can increase their performance-related pay.

When il- lusion may lead to delusion for all! All articles published in the quarterly are subject to reviews.

Interpersonalne stosunki międzykulturowe

Hungarians are more relativistic than Finnish and Estonian re- spondents. Anti-corruption poli- cies and measures of the Fortune Stosunoi United Nations Global Compact Office. Ac- cording to McDonald, cultural relativists deny the existence of ultimate universal ethical principles. An important relationship also emerged in both types of the data analysed: The relativ- ism scale included: It is obvious, that corruption scandals not only provoked discussion about the essence of corruption it- self but also about the most effective methods for preventing and fighting it, which might lead to replenishing public trust in corporations.

To conclude, women were more idealistic than men. Men had systematically lower values in idealism than women also according to age and in every country. Midsykulturowe the social perspective, institutions are accounts of how the social world works and embody normative principles and social values Meyer et al. midzykultkrowe

In that respect, value can be created through the restructur- ing activities aimed at narrowing the gap — internally and externally oriented busi- ness restructuring, as well as financial restructuring. In addition, it was described as partly mivzykulturowe culture of creators and the culture of quality. References [1] Andolsek D.


In another example, the leading paint and coatings producer in Serbia went through an extensive restructuring process during which the shareholders imple- mented the value-based management.

Interviews with line managers shed some light on these findings: The ethics position theory involves two independent dimensions: That legislation introduced major changes in the regulation of financial practice and corporate governance.


The analysis of the answers on the educative aspects of FAN shows that many referred to the measurable, tangible experience that can be seen and be counted in terms of the number of episodes aired, and can be referred to FAN at every job interview they would do. McTaggart, Kontes and Mankins define value creation as man- aging performances of individual business units with respect to the realized money flows and the returns on investment rate1.

Still on the subject of community, some interesting research studies have inves- tigated the specific function of Community Relations — seen by some scholars as an emergent sub-function of Corporate Communications Cornelissen, — in the university context Kim, Brunner, Fitch-Hauser, United Nations Global Compact Office, accessible at: Since this has been the first and an original examination of the Italian manifes- tation of the phenomenon, the prospects for further research and studies are wide- ranging and suggest continued inquiry into the manner of participatory communi- cation in education, in universities, and how it impacts institutional communication strategies.

Men are more relativistic than women. Diversity in the modern global organization, Conference Pro- ceedings, eds. Twelve of the subsidiary interviews were UK based; six were based in Poland and the remaining six were divided evenly between the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Creation of new institutions All countries: Value is cre- ated only if the business unit or the entire company can earn the rate of return on invested capital that exceeds its cost of capital.