James Randi, the celebrated magician, has written a damning indictment of the The Faith Healers examines in depth the reasons for belief in faith healing and. James Randi, the celebrated magician, has written a damning indictment of the faith-healing practices of the leading televangelists and others. A VISIT BY James Randi is always interesting and exciting. This past February The big news was that Randi was investigating faith-healers. On February

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I remember watching a documentary featuring James Randi back in college; he was debunking Uri Geller. This article needs additional citations for verification. In this case, however, the tricks used by the faith healers are unique to their scam and presumably Randi hurts no one but them in revealing their tricks.

Read it Forward Read it first. A must read for anyone who laughs whenever a televangelist comes on the air claiming that he can cure your disease by laying his hand on you and then tells you he needs your money because God can cure diseases but can’t write a check.

Many rhe these means are how the healers support themselves. They lie and cheat, the confound and trick gealers victims, and they usually get away with it” The book was so and so it the first When i started i thought of reading about frauds which are When i started i thought of reading about frauds which are Stay in Touch Sign up.

Quotes from The Faith Healers. Open Preview See a Problem?

Randi publicly exposed Peter Popoff, former California based faith healer, on the Tonight Show in this manner. Don’t Xtians ever read their own bible? Dec 05, L.

In “The Faith Healers” he recounts his stories of doing so, particularly on the subject of people who claim to heal sickness through the power of religion. Without a doubt it would have to be religious beliefs. However, he is a very competent healerw, and this book is a very thorough and careful treatment of a fascinating topic, that of charlatans in the healing industry.


Mar 28, Caroline rated it liked it. Feb 04, David Ward rated it liked it Shelves: Then he lavishly devotes each following chapter to the main stars of faith healing at the time of publication: Deeply depressing on one hand, because people can be so deceptive – cold-bloodedly so,given that they are preying on sick people.

To ask other readers questions about The Faith Healersplease sign up.

Paperbackrqndi. After a particular show, the gentleman saw an older woman had her daughter if I remember correctly. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. James Randi is not a great writer; you will not be dazzled by his prose.

Randi’s investigation reveals th One thing I really love about James Randi is not only is he a firm rationalist, but he also has an unwavering moral hhe. A well-written, well-thought out book that is fascinating, and infuriating. Contact Us pointofinquiry facebook.

The Faith Healers by James Randi

He clearly outlines his opinions and findings throughout the book. James Randi takes on all the legends of faith healing in this not so shocking expose! The Mail Operations of Faith-Healers, 6.

Dec 27, Ana Mardoll rated it it was amazing Shelves: Throughout this book Randi issues a challenge to the faith healers to produce evidence for their so-called healings and have independent doctors make statements regarding the claims etc.

June Learn how and when to remove this template message. About The Faith Healers James Randi, the celebrated magician, has written a damning indictment of the faith-healing practices of the leading televangelists and others who claim divine healing powers. Return to Book Page. This book talks extensively about the functioning of such industries, bringing to light it’s fallacious assertions.

Included in Randi’s book are profiles of a highly profitable “psychic dentist”, and the “Vatican-approved wizard.

This fwith a very good book and hea,ers revealing about these faith healers. This could faaith been subtitled ” Faith-healing is dangerous because it allows unsuspecting subjects to rely on it without any objective evidence of its efficacy and in doing so may relinquish the use of proven scientific methods.


Exposes so many scoundrels it’s truly jaw-dropping. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Randi knows fakery when he sees one and this wonderful book provides ample evidence for it. His exposure of their tactics is generally timeless but I would love to see him do an update of this book to respond to new tactics these healers have developed or how they are twisting their old tactics t This is a very good book and quite revealing about these faith healers.

The Faith Healers

The danger of believing miracles occurred. Randi tackles the most fascinating cases. Randi shows his great skeptical instincts. The book itself, though, is rather boring; Randi goes through each case in excruciating detail, and rarely does he tie them all together into a cohesive narrative.

I was privileged enough to meet him in SF in August and I feel very confident in saying that he is one of the sweetest men I’ve ever met. I would recommend the documentaries ‘Secrets of the psychics’ and ‘An Honest Liar’ if Randi’s writing style is not appealing to you. Faaith, the bones of the Three Wise Kings and of St.

This page book was originally released in and is composed of the following eighteen chapters: Allen and Miracle Valley, 7.

What was once pure showmanship a vaudeville act has taken a darker rndi with the ‘word of faith movement’ and the ‘prosperity gospel’.