Le Rivage des Syrtes (French Edition) [Julien Gracq] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Le Rivage des Syrtes [Julien Gracq] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hard to Find book. Study materials posted under the course FF:FJIA /FJIA/ · Složka /el// jaro/FJIA/um/ Learning Materials /um/.

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Aldo is very difficult to figure out. And everything is just the same. Maybe I missed something. Fragments de Lichtenberg Fragments of Lichtenberg. I just remember laughing when I read it.

The Opposing Shore

I did order some booklets that provide a deeper analysis of the work. This is a strange book on that subject, as in fact very little happens and it seems to unfold in a series of painterly tableaux of crumbling cities and empty shores.

If at all possible, however, it should be read in French. His duties are to be the eyes and ears of the Signory, to report back any rumours of interest to the Rivzge. In essence, it is a novel that presents, at length, some ideas relating to change that perhaps challenge common thinking: It’s like poetry in prose.

Baptiste rated it it was amazing Sep 01, The aftertaste is that of a dream; the effect on the mind is soothing and sobering. The New York Times.

FF:FJIA French Literature IV

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Books by Julien Gracq. This essay is written for the literary scholar and is informative and thoughtful.

This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat Numerose le iniziative e le partecipazioni a eventi culturali. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Howard’s translation is that he has faced up to what are stylistic peculiarities in the French text and rendered them into an equally intricate but lush and rythmic prose.

The Opposing Shore French: Best when read aloud since the sentences really flow and it’s easier to stay alert when reading aloud. I’d say that sometimes I felt like I was reading blind, and then I’d have to read back up the page to see where I lost touch with a paragraph. I finished this over a month ago and have been figuring out how to review it. Both books even have covers using de Chirico paintings. About halfway through the book I could see where everything was going, and I had to keep reading to see how it would get there and the end felt both right and inevitable, and as another character tells Aldo in the last chapter some things has to happen and the characters involved could be anyone, their identities and motivations aren’t important.


Henry James would marvel at the length and articulation of some sentences. The vacuum that occurs at its frontiers — a kind of numbness which is gener The Opposing Shore has a quite unique atmosphere — it is written in the baroque language of the nineteenth century classical novels and at the same time it is fraught with the Kafkian surreal suspense of the kind that permeates The Castle and it even boasts some whiffs of beautifully enigmatic Gormenghast.

The Opposing Shore is the story of a man who enrolls in the armed services and is sent to a remote base on the border of his country, a base on the outskirts that is notable because it faces a foreign nation that his country has long been at war with, but everything has been quiet on that front for many years.

What gives this novel its power is that Gracq is never explicit. It is Gracq’s third and most famous novel. Later imitators have not fared that well. Alexandra rated it liked it Oct 06, The main character himself is somewhat adrift, I suppose, and this can contribute to the dreamy slide of things and events. With all that seemed chosen for me so decisively, we glided along well-known streets already strange, chosen for me so decisively, by their orientation to a distance still indefinite.


Not that I have understood the full or final meaning of the plot or of the total story; this is the sort of book that leaves you in suspense for a long time perhaps years to come of its interpretation. It is a post that requires almost no effort as the decaying fleet is almost non-existent and nothing ha A strangely atmospheric novel that blends the exotic and prosaic to create a mysterious time and landscape to be swallowed into.

It is one of those late, solitary, overripe fruits that sometimes grace an autumnal season of decay.

You yearn for something new and invigorating. Over the decades, time has ceased to flow at the stone Fortress of the Admiralty: Aldo is in the habit of seeing everything and everyone around him through feelings, and sometimes it works very well.

It seems to be about the individual versus history. Charmie rated it it was ok Sep 23, There can be a page or two of metaphors and similes describing a dss item or event. View all 4 comments. Cosa significa essere un medico rivabe Italia?

Goaded, however, by his mistress, Vanessa Aldobrandi, he takes a patrol boat across the boundary to within cannon-shot of the Farghestani coastal batteries. Most of Aldo’s colleagues at the Admiralty sleepwalk their way through life, living mainly for a weekend in the stews of nearby Maremma.

The Opposing Shore has been described as science fiction, but it takes place dss an ancient kingdom that’s closer to Calvino’s Baron in the Trees if that book was more doomstruck and written in lusher prose.

Ecco come divenne scrittore. View all 16 comments.