The Krytos Trap has ratings and reviews. J. said: The thing that strikes me the most about the expanded universe novels I’ve been reading since. In the first half of X-Wing: The Krytos Trap, Wedge Antilles, the commander of Rogue Squadron, hails a cab, goes to a hanger bay, and gets his. The Krytos Trap, the third in the X-Wing series and written by one of my favourite Star Wars authors, Michael A Stackpole, is a book that I love to pieces now that I.

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The storyline of this novel also contains several surprises and twists which affect the relationship and dynamic of the plot and characters grap the novel.

The Krytos Trap by Michael A Stackpole

If you’re not, well, you probably didn’t read this far. Good story; good storytelling. His attempts to escape lead him to uncover the secret of Rogue Squadron’s mole, and it becomes a race trrap time to save the innocent and reveal the true traitor.

The first book was about fighter pilot jocks; the second was about a covert operation behind enemy lines. Stackpole is a master. It was fine, but it felt a little more like a placeholder than a fully realized entry in the series. Namun demikian,kuantiti bacta yang besar diperlukan untuk merawat populasi Coruscant yang besar. The plot focuses on three key events that happen mostly simultaneously.

It was also good to see terrorist actions by the former Imperials being addressed. The virus used in the attack is the Krytos virus, a biological weapon developed by General Evir Derricote and released under the orders of Imperial leader Ysanne Isard. This almost seems contrived; how could it be so easy, when it has been so challenging up until this point?


Jan 09, Megan rated it it was amazing Shelves: The second event is the treason trial of Rogue Squadron executive officer Tycho Celchu, who is suspected of murdering Kytos Squadron pilot Corran Horn, who was captured during the invasion.

This is by far the series’ least endearing trait. At any rate, Wedge and the gang are back in their cockpits and ready to go.

The Krytos Trap

Born in USA, on 27th November The seco The thing that strikes me the most about the expanded universe novels I’ve been reading since starting this little project is how krytks in the grand scheme of things, and even on a smaller scale within the context of their own saga, can jump from genre to genre with such amazing frequency. They are sleek, swift, and deadly.

There is of course a tendency to want to tie things to the Jedi in the Star Wars universe, and the revelation could have come out like badly written fan fiction if the writer had decided out of the blue to make one of his main characters a Jedi on whim, instead we get a major plot point that informs the climax of the novel and sets up the next installment.

Revenge of the Sith Secrets from the Dark Side Daniel Wallace 8. A little variation would have been nice. In the time immediately following the destruction of the Death Star and the years between the Battle of Yavin and the foundation of the Rebel Base on Hoth, the Empire’s Simultaneously, Kirtan Loor, secreted away in the city, is striking at the New Republic with his Palpatine Counter-insurgency Front, destroying, among other thin 2,5 stars.


Her releasing of the Krytos Virus to bring down the New Republic is very deft and interesting.

The characters keep saying “He’s dead! Review via The RebeLibrarian If that weren’t enough, Imperial agents are loose on Coruscant, charged with causing chaos and destruction to the Rebellion’s fledgling government.

This novel is the third book of Star Wars X-Wing. Shadow Hunter ” Darth Maul: Much better contribution to SW than the previous entries in this series. This, combined with an epic surprise at the climax, makes this probably my favourite of the series so far.

From this point the rest of the series gets good, the characters start to become more believable or maybe by now you’ve just gotten used to themand the narrative comes together.

Kinda disappointing for such a great character. I still love Stackpole’s work and really look forward to the next novel, but I had to rate this book lower than the rest.

– Books – Reviews | X-Wing – The Krytos Trap

Humans are apparently immune, while all other species are vulnerable. Peristiwa ini memberikan kesan kepada Roque Squadron RS dari segi moral.

And can the New Republic get enough bacta to reverse the affects of the virus? Furthermore, they have inherited a diseased world: